Global chat not working


On every platform the global chat is down since today, yesterday it was fine


Same with the PC client. This is an issue on the server and I’m sure they’re aware. Please fix.


PS4 chat is not working either.


Chat doesn’t work in android-mobile version



Good, it’s mainly inane drivel and sad bastards trying to hit on people they believe to be female.


You forgot recruiting to fill the spots of people who left.

I was wondering if people were just quiet. Silly me.


lmao,you said it brohem


Ever since chat has been about its been massive amounts of stupid. No offense. Just would be much better if it didn’t sound worse than WoW general chat x1000. So its really a feature GoW could do without honestly. It did fine without it before.


I was more worried about guild chat.


My guild chat was working this morning, but Global wasn’t. Which is pretty much perfect, for me…


Hi all, we’re aware of this issue and are looking into it.


Thank you ozzy


Global Chat should be back up.


Ty yes i confirm it’s working now


On PS4 if you press the chat button, chat has never worked (as far as I can see) and then you cannot get the chat screen to go away. If you hit it during gameplay it blocks your view of the screen and you simply play blind. It will not close. Been like this for a while now.

Anyone else encountering this or have a fix?


This might be due to the transparency slider. There should be a down arrow on the bottom of the chat window which opens a box below chat. Make the the slider isn’t all the way to the right.


I’ve tried every button on the controller, pressed every direction, nothing seems to get rid of it.
Very frustrating. I always have to exit the game and reload it when this happens.