[Fixed] Chat unavailable

Platform, device version and operating system:
For me: PC/Mobile
Reports down on: PC/Mobile, Switch, PS, Xbox

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen
Selecting ‘connect to global chat’ in game allows you to connect to the in game chat. Instead an error message appears and you can not connect to either global or guild chat. No access to the chat ui, emojis, titles, chat settings etc.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happens every time you try to connect. Widespread reports that it is affecting all platforms. (will add link to thread)

Steps to make it happen again
-open game, select chat icon
-select connect to chat
-observe error


Link to discussion about this issue:

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No guild chat nor global chat here either. I play from an Android Phone.

The first reported chat being down is currently 7 hours ago in anorher subject, so it has been down for hours. There have also been a daily reset, where it didn’t correct itself.

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Same on the side of France . Impossible to get acquainted on the 300 or guild

Probably will not be fixed till tuesday.

Would like to think that there would be somebody floating about with some kind of escalation contact/process to alert the dev team to this. Even on a holiday weekend. Would be pretty unusual if there wasn’t o_O

There probably is, however they only react to problems or bugs that has impact on their ability to make money. Whether chat in working or not doesn’t have an effect on people spending money or not, so yeah either the problem will fix itself at weekly reset or they will begin to look at it Tuesday.
I would love to be wrong and that they will fix it, but they havn’t bothered before to fix bugs that even ruins gameplay or isn’t working as intented or as explained.
And no you cant have your gems back, but you can get 50 or 100 gems as an apologi.

Well, that’s depressing :frowning:

Its down on mobile too, my chat crashed last night i was hoping it would fix itself by morning but that hasn’t been the case

The post above about not coming in on their day off unless it impacts money is right…but I would argue seeing the strange group of people the live in global chat…anything they breaks addicts from something could cause them to stay away for good. Chat being down for 4 days could end up costing more in the long run then store front being down for a day…

At the same time, given what is said most of the time about the chat, it’s a bit of an intellectual holiday for some …

It’s down for switch platform as well.

Waiting to see which will happen first. Jesus rising from the grave or a dev actually checking on the game outside of “normal business hours”.


I bet on Jesus!


Switch, same issue too.

Has been down on Xbox for about 14 ish hours I want to say as well.

Hey at least it’s not ToD week :grimacing:

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TBH I am a software developer and I would not work outside business hours either, but it is not the developers job to keep the servers running.

The hosting/app master/operator team should be able to cover weekends and holidays. It is just lame they let service outages to last 15 hours (and still not eesolved) in a service which is available 24/7

Main reason why any guild should never use in-game chat to record ToD rooms?

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Why would they fix it tuesday not monday? I thought monday was when buisness hours started again