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Idea on chat fix?

Any ETA on when chat will be working again?
Can’t connect. Earlier massive lines missing and top post vanished.
Yes I used search and got old results. So asking here.

Same here, cant guild chat, it sends me to global and then it says that cant connect. :tired_face:

The Dev skeleton crew should be coming in soon and will be able to take a look. But for the most part they are out so it may be a rocky week with chatting

The server provider who runs our chat server is having an outage… everything breaks down over the holidays with nobody to fix it.
I’m trying to get an ETA on the fix, but there’s nobody there currently :frowning:


And… it’s back!


Still down for me as of 11:04pm EST…

Side note: The events last week were much better (use a new troop for double traitstones and kill monsters/dragons in explore AND pvp). I doubt I will do either the all blue pvp team or the 250 explores…

Had to restart pc game (steam), it is back!

It’s kind of back. A whole lot of lines gone. I guess it’s just a pipe dream of getting a chat server that is reliable. :disappointed_relieved:
Game errors are one thing, I trust the devs to fix. But you guys (the devs/owners) are paying for this.

Yeah I just bought my 2nd DK armor for my console account, how many servers does that get me?

I guess I’m a little slow tonight. Beg pardon?

The answer is 22.