Banning on ps4 bias of 505

Hi guys and girls…
I was just wondering… Lately there have been multiple bans for players on the ps4 system for people that used a bug that gave you 10 free gems as a gift but if you closed the news and reopened it you could gather the gems again and again and again…

But now it seems to me the company is biased when it comes to banning people who exploit game features…

What I meen :
There is another bug of which I just learned
The ring of wonder bug…
Usualy the ring of wonders is limited (and the limitation is explicitly underlined) to one purchase every 28 days!
But if you don’t close the purchase and skip back to the game… You can BUY the ring again and again and again and again… This bug gives you a great advantage on other players BUT the company benefits from it because people pay for it…

And to be honest I haven’t heard of a single player banned for doing this (and I heard of a lot people who have done it)

So now it’s on the developers side to tell me why those bugs are treated so differently!

Hey this is true about the Ring of Wonder on console because PlayStation don’t limit how many times you can buy the Ring of Wonder. However, if you purchase multiple Rings of Wonder you just extend the subscription, the bonuses don’t stack.

So the only advantage is that you can buy a whole year’s worth of Ring of Wonders instead of buying it every 28 days.


No that is sadly not true! The rings stack I have seen Screenshots of people having a plus to gold souls and exp far beyond 2000 percent just by buying the ring multiple times and after 28 days it reset to the default percentage

OK I have to admit they changed the way that works… My bad… But still it doesn’t undermine my point they could have banned players back then when it stacked… But they didn’t

Quality control works wonders…the rings “should” act like other packs that once purchased are greyed out. The dev reaponse shows there is a potiential hole and if it is true that it could stack then quality control/testing would have prevented it.

@Hanom what do you meen exactly?

Wow, really useful spend 800 euros a month for such an “insane advantage” over other players…

Pretty sure with their 40 rings of wonders they die the same both in pvp and gw.

Is good that “lot of people” do it, game will go on for decades thx to them then, why should they be banned?

No you are getting that wrong… It is against the rules of the game! You are gaining an unfair advantage over other players by exploiting a bug or such…

And don’t tell me 505 doesn’t have the power to see who is doing this if they can detect that players collected all the gems.

It is against the rules of the game so they have to punish it no matter if they gain from it or not!

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It’s a huge difference.

The ones that got banned recently were abusing an unintended mistake in one feature (claiming same email repeatedly). It have never ever been supposed to be done so.

Buying RoW on PS multiple times is still working inside the intended part of the game. Due to PS’s system, it is intended to be buyable multiple times. So it’s not against the rules/exploiting.

Exploit would be to buy RoW multiple times on mobile/pc, where it’s not supposed to be possible.

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But if it says “limited” to be bought only once it is against the rules or am I wrong?

And it clearly says it is limited to one copy! Period so it is against the rules if you buy 2, 3 or 137 copys of that ring and it doesn’t matter if the fault is with your servers being bugged of if it is the psn! It still should be considered cheating

As Kafka said, on PS it’s a conflict between the game system and the console system.
While the game says it’s limited, the console says it’s not limited.

So, while technically you don’t follow strictly the game’s rules, you absolutely follow the console’s rules.

In the end, it’s a bit like the European Union’s politics. You follow the national state’s rules, but there are some EU rules that weight more than the national state’s. In a case of conflict, the international rules win over the national ones.

Same here. The console’s rules weight more than the game’s.

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Biggest difference is that money is involved. An actual purchase is different than exploiting something for free. Not saying it’s right or wrong, just that the comparison is apples to money in the publisher and studio’s pockets.

Re-purchasing and the mail exploit are an XBox thing too (bans as well).

The ring of wonder is not an unfair advantage because everyone can do it on PS4 multiple times. The players gets their loot. The Devs get paid and PS4 gets their cut so everyone is happy. The glitch is the players gets loot the Devs are asked to work for free and PS4 is wondering where their cut is. See the difference.

Of course I see the difference! But still can we agree? If it says you are only supposed to buy it once (which is what limited to once every 28 days meens) it would be against the rules of the game and therefore if I do it I should get banned?
Even if everyone benefits from it?

One is basically stealing while the other is spending money. I do not know why anyone would buy it multiple times at $20 a pop but more power to them and thanks for supporting game

That is not true in my opinion…
OK the first is stealing I agree on that one
But the second is not just spending money

Rather it is spending money to gain an advantage over other players who don’t, by using a method not intended by the game and that would be illegal if I am not totally wrong if it says so in the legal terms of the game…

Damn I really have to read those again to see if I am wrong there :roll_eyes::joy:

On the one side we have people who know that they are doing something wrong and get punished for it (the punishment in my opinion is the thing we could argue about… But that is done in another thread already)

And on the other side you have people who know that they are doing something wrong (it says so! its limited so you are only supposed to be able to buy it once) but damn they pay for the wrong they are doing so we don’t even care let them do it

And man… 505 knew that the people were doing something wrong because they did do something against it… The rings you buy now don’t stack but instead it adds to the days counter…

But still no one got banned!?

It’s like someone stealing drugs is not cool

But if they pay for the drugs legally everyone benefits so it’s OK?

Hey I understand what you’re saying but as the PlayStation store is working as intended we don’t consider this an exploit. We don’t punish players for using the PlayStation Store.

Maybe at some point the text will be changed in the PlayStation store to say it’s unlimited, or maybe 505 will change the limits on the pack in the PlayStation store in the future.

But for now, it’s working as intended.

This is much like the debate on Xbox about using Mixer to play the game.
While we don’t encourage players to hot seat their accounts, we want people to be able to play with their family and friends and we would never ban a player for using a feature of their console.

The problem with the mail exploit is that it was a bug that was exploited, while ie. the PlayStation Store isn’t bugged and neither is Mixer on Xbox.


OK I can go with that (still the punishments are too high I think) :joy:

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Punishments are well deserved and should stay permanent for every cheater out there.

The whole f2p scheme is to encourage players to spend money for an “unfair” advantage. That’s what the ring of wonder is; a paid advantage.