If you want us to sink our gems(💰) into your events


… Then stop unbanning the players you ban for cheating in them. You end up just cheating the legitimate player base out of gems and rewards. That is all.


Wow, we actually agree on this point Ryan!! I’m kinda shocked that a player could catch a ban for blatant cheating and then be back in 2 days. :thinking:


Completely agreed… It’s very disappointing to see such permissiveness with cheaters :frowning:


I wonder what VIP level the person is…


I agree with this. Have one rule for everyone, regardless of VIP level. If you get one unban, then everyone should get it. That’s only fair.


I hear this every week. A fresh player with a few weeks of gameplay is already at level 1800+.
BAN people for CHEATING indefinitely! NO PARDONS!


They probably found an exploit and are VIP 99, too.


I’d like to think that VIP level doesn’t play into whether a ban is overturned, but I am really curious sometimes.


Completely agreed. It’s very disappointing to see such permissiveness with cheaters


I’m curious what happened to the guild that player was in, they supposedly got docked for 35k trophies. Did they also get their trophies back now that the player has been unbanned?


As of yesterday, they did not receive their trophies back.
The devs punished the player and the guild for cheating. And now appear to be giving him a second, or a third, or a fourth chance?
Because evidently it’s better to have players who cheat and spend money. Than to have players who don’t cheat and don’t spend money. 🤷
Preferably, I’m sure they would like player’s who don’t cheat and pay money.
But like a girl (or guy) with one tooth and one leg… They’ll take what they can get.


Permissiveness for cheating from developers has prompted me to cease playing numerous games in the past. I always felt GOW developers have been very good at squashing such behavior but leniency for this type of conduct should not exist. Blatantly disregarding game rules should lead to significant punishment not a slap on the wrist. No player is valuable enough to allow cheating. Otherwise it becomes a cancer that erodes player confidence. That is the kiss of death for any game.


Ok, what type of cheating has been going on? I am curious to put this in perspective. If you all don’t mind…


I know how the devs can gem sink us.
Make a guaranteed power orb on the events.
5000 gems. one guaranteed power orb. Change the leaderboard. And you have you’re gems sinks like crazy.


I remember 10 minutes ago when I thought cheating got you banned for life.

I miss ten minutes ago.


What? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is really disheartening to hear :frowning: Would at least like a explanation, or a comment from them


There should be absolutely no tolerance towards cheating/hacking/exploiting in the Gems of War.
No second chances or pardons. If you cheated once, no matter how severe, you should get BANNED permanently and LOSE the ACCESS to the account permanently!

I wonder what @Cyrup and @Kafka have to say about this.
Giving a second chance to cheating players is absolutely not acceptable as it will encourage such brazen behaviour in the future. In short, it will get worse instead of better.


Don’t forget that it appears that cheating can also be observed in the PvP Ranked/Casual battles.
I saw a player who had an attack power over 100 for his Hero in the PvP (Ranking) screen.
That’s clearly not possible, and a result of some sort of manipulation/hacking.


You know, previously I foolishly believed devs that VIP level does not protect cheaters from the ban.
But recently I have reported one cheater… The usual cheater with 2500 faction renown in Hall of Guardians, All-Seeing Eye, Primal Rift and Crypt Keepers and maximum hoard level of 101. I have reported almost 10 of that kind of cheaters previously and they were banned. To my much surprise, cheater from my last report was not banned. I found his forum account today - and he long ago bragged about VIP level 20.
Devs can say anything to protect their public image but I no longer believe that VIP level doesn’t protect from the ban.