If you want us to sink our gems(💰) into your events


I’ve played another game where “unbans” were actually sold in the cash shop. Money talks.


Money always talks. It’s sad too see that ppl are still living in a fairytale land. And haven’t figured it out by now.

You have too give to get back. that’s the nature of things.


Last week, somebody at the top of the PvP leaderboard had more than 3,000 wins with zero losses. 3k wins isn’t an oddball number, but zero losses is very strange. Even the best leaderboard players tend to operate at about a 97% or 98% win rate.

IIRC, several other members of the same guild also ascended to the top of the leaderboard, though their records weren’t as suspicious. What made them stand out was that one guy.

People openly complained about it because it lingered for several days. Eventually the players were removed from the leaderboard, but then one came back.

The rumor I hear is there’s some kind of bug with Tower of Doom that was being exploited. I don’t know a lot more. If I knew more, I’d explain how to do it, because sometimes you have to wreck the world to teach it what it’s worth.


I am a VIP player with a semi high level, i would expect to be repremanded for it with a ban, because I would know if I was cheating buy exploiting something in the game. The fact that I spent hard cash on the game doesn’t allow me special privileges to cheat. Just my thoughts…


I was hoping to get some kind of reply from the devs. I know we wouldnt get details, but something. I guess not answering is actually an answer :frowning:


They’ve talked about it before. They unban players on a case by case stance. VIP supposedly doesn’t factor in the equation. And they won’t talk about it anymore than that.