Disband Cheating Guilds Automatically

If a guild has over 1/6 of their members banned in one day. Please just disband the guild. The rest of the guild can’t be innocent. They are at the very least complacent to the cheating.

This post brings resolution to blatant cheating that’s gone on at least 3 months that I’ve lost my voice screaming about. (Metaphorically speaking.)

Because of this poll…

I didn’t make it a weekly complaint here.

And though a different guild inspired this…

I was really hoping it would be implemented by the time they eventually decided to ban all the cheaters (7 total from the same guild.)
Thus taking away this many trophies between 12 hours ago and now.

So the question is… Is that the total amount of ill gotten gains or just 50% of them?
Because for a guild that’s less than 4 months old. That’s a metric shit ton of trophies.

So wouldn’t the easiest solution be to disband the guild entirely? Maybe then there would be actual consequences to cheating.

And no not every guild that has a player banned should be disbanded. Even 4 in one month is suspect AF but shouldn’t punish the whole guild for the bad eggs. But 7 in one day? That’s systematic cheating. I don’t see how anyone could think otherwise. But if you choose not to disband it. At the very least rename the guild the NE Patriots. That way it’s clear they don’t play by the rules.

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If a player is found to be a BOT then the guild should lose 100% of the trophies that player ever accumulated for them. They shouldn’t be allowed to keep anything that was gained by cheating. Then there should be an additional trophy penalty to the guild beyond that.

The trophy penalty for the guild should start small, but increase with each instance of someone from that guild being banned within a certain timeframe (maybe the trailing year for instance), until it is extremely punitive. Disbanding the guild after some number of continued violations could be the final step on that ladder.

Another idea to get the attention of guilds problematic with repeat cheaters would be to block recruitment for X days as well, with X increasing after each violation also. If nothing else it would delay them from adding in their next fresh BOT account.