Adjust Trophy Penalty for Guilds who have players banned

For the longest time if a a member was banned then the guild would lose half the trophies they earned.
That worked out fine enough when the highest ever trophy record was 15k in a week. And the highest trophies each week were around 40k for guilds total. Leaving an average of about 1.5k trophies averaged per player.
But now that certain players can evidently, easily do 15k trophies a week. Taking only half their trophies is a slap on the wrist for their former guild.
Case in point…
Recently a player was banned who did 66k trophies over the course of 4 weeks. So his or her guild only lost 33k trophies.
My belief of the original intent was to not punish the guild the player was in too much. So they try to give credit for what a normal player would of earned over the course of that time. Normal players don’t earn 7.5k trophies every week.

I propose… The guild that has the player banned lose all the trophies the player earned during their time there. And then get a credit of 2k trophies per week credited back to them. So the guild would have lost 58k trophies instead of 33k.(Assuming the player who is banned earns more than 4k trophies a week on average. Otherwise the 50% is still sufficient.)
That’s being more than fair to the guild.
Because if you have a player in your guild that averages over 2k trophies a day. Then you can’t be surprised if/when they get banned from the game. If your the GM of that guild. Then you should of reported them yourself. There’s no guarantee that you’ll save yourself from the trophy penalty. But at least you tried to do the right thing. Which should mean more to you than trophies.


What about somewhere in the realm of 50-75% of the average amount of trophies earned by the other guild members in the time they were there?

That way it accounts for differences in guilds and essentially ends up being what they would have earned if they had a non-cheating member instead, minus a small penalty (to maintain the incentive to report cheaters).

The proposal makes sense though, on the whole I think.

Too much work for the devs to do on every single banned player. The metric can also be thrown off depending on how many in the guild cheat.
My formula would be coded basically like this at the the touch of a button…
Total trophies of X - (weeks in guild x 2000 trophies) = amount of trophies deducted from the guild overall.
Only do if Y = more than 2k trophies when total trophies are divided by weeks in guild. Otherwise take 50% of X total trophies and remove it from guild total.

Rough outline of how it could be coded.
Just a rough example on how it could be coded.

2k trophies might even be too generous, not so many players average that every week… but in general I agree that in cases such as the one you mention, deducting only half the player’s trophies is far too little penalty.

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Putting a number (like 2k per week) doesn’t really sound like it’ll be fair to a guild or too fair to the guild. An alternative would be to normalize the number of trophies using the average trophy earning of the guild. If the remaining 29 players averaged 3654 (could be any number) trophies in a week, then the guild shall receive the same number of trophies for/from the banned player - or X% of this number (not any fixed number).

Valuable guild participation means Guild Events (which may or may not be happening in trophy hunting guilds) and Task completion. Trophies alone carry little to no weight currently (aside from bragging rights which can’t really be penalized) so trophy penalties are not getting the message across. However high trophies translates to more gold which hopefully, ideally translates to more Task completion (& not Hoard chasing).
It’s probably not possible, but maybe others would be more motivated to watch for and report cheating/hacking if the penalty impacted Tasks.
From a ‘play the hand you’re dealt’ viewpoint, I agree with the OP’s suggestion.


I didn’t know they only removed half the trophies. I thought it was all trophies removed and that would be just fine with me. Everything the cheater player did is tainted the moment they started cheating, so lose the tainted trophies.


Seems like it should be all trophies earned while a member of the guild and prior guilds get the same, loss of trophies from that member too.

One player banned when there are so many suspicious numbers currently… It is sad and worrying.


With the introduction of trophies everywhere with the 4.7 update, I think the OP’s suggestion is a great idea and a relatively “simple” fix and deterrent. Probably do not need the 2k “credit”, just an elimination of all trophies contributed to that Guild by that player.


Totally agreed. But I think it will be only fair if this apply to all accounts got banned so far. Dev definitely has the whole record. They can just go back, adjust all previous penalties which means take away all the trophies made by that person since they joined that guild.

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I feel that if you’re a solo player you should get the same rewards even though you’re not in a guild. Guilds get way too many resources. Some people would prefer not to be in a guild.

What is an easy way to get 15000 trophies a week? And about how long does that take? I only average a few hundred a week right now.

Explore, mid level 5 or 6 with a team that can one shot everything. That is fastest trophies.

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Getting 6 trophies a minute is a good pace, so you are still going to have to play for 40+ hours for 15k trophies.