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What percentage of time to do you wish the devs spent focused on banning cheaters from GoW?

Because personally I don’t feel like enough time is being spent on it. Currently I suspect at least 6 different accounts on the Raid leaderboard are bots. I’m not going to discuss why. I’m more interested to hear whether or not I’m alone in thinking there’s way too many bots in the game. To the point that I wish they would make PC/Mobile separate platforms. And I totally understand why PS, Xbox, and Switch wouldn’t want cross-play. (Yes I know it’s still possible to cheat on those platforms but it’s much more difficult and way less frequent than PC/Mobile.)

I have no doubt that the devs take cheating seriously. I just believe manually checking accounts for longer than 10 minutes at a time, isn’t very high on their priority list. Hackers are taking advantage of that theory. Because well… That’s how douchebags roll. :man_shrugging:

I won’t try to influence your thoughts by explaining the cause and effect that cheaters have on GoW. Just vote honestly please… Even if it’s done from a place of ignorance. Infinity Plus 2’s job is to make 505 happy and the players/customers happy. Most of the time only one side gets to be happy from an action. In this case the less cheaters the better for both parties.

  • 100%
  • 90%
  • 80%
  • 70%
  • 60%
  • 50%
  • 40%
  • 30%
  • 20%
  • 10%
  • 0% (Suspect AF)

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I would love for the devs to allocate as much time as possible in targeting and punishing cheaters. I have no idea how much time is spent focusing on other aspects of the game so I went with 30%. There are aspects of gameplay I would very much like to see the devs focus on - making faction only delve runs more approachable and feasible after the initial launch weekend, reworking weaker class traits such as Oracle and Knight, rebalancing some troops such as Shade of Zorn and Fallen Valdis amongst a host of others, reworking Arena etc. As it appears that none of my wish list items are high on the priority list, it would be refreshing to see them turn their eyes more towards cheating. I know they take cheating seriously and I am certain they are most assuredly busy, but cheating is a cancer for any game. I ceased playing games in the past where cheating became too rampant.
I personally do not chase the leaderboards but I do empathize deeply with players that do chase them the right way only to be thwarted by bots or other cheats.
As a final note - I firmly believe the devs need to be a bit more draconian in punishing obvious cheating. I have been playing for well over three years and have witnessed more than one instance of the kid glove treatment from the devs regarding obvious cheats. For those that have been around, I am sure you can recall some of those incidents as well.

I say the exact same amount of time they waste on worthless Pokémon

If the choice is between fixing ongoing bugs and improving content vs banning cheaters for questionable rewards, I’d say the former.

Keep in mind that cheaters can cause bugs to generate. Any alteration of the game code can have a domino effect.

One of the devs? All of the devs? If all of the devs spent 25% of their time on possible cheating not much else would get done. Better to assign one dev to spend 50% of their time and specialize in booting cheaters.
I hear what you are saying but I can’t vote on this. It’s way to broad a subject

Hmm… Let’s say there are 5 devs who work on GoW. That’s 200 Dev hours a week. 25% of that 200 would be 40 hours.
So it could be 40 hours for one Dev or 5 devs doing 8 hours each a week. I don’t see why it would matter who is doing it so long as it’s getting done.
Regardless… The polls intent is to see if the devs view and the players view align on the matter at hand.

I think I might appreciate an increase in the current amount of time they spend on it by ~50%, at least to start with, and see how that goes.

I also think it would be better if players that missed out on leaderboard rewards due to cheaters were given the rewards they would otherwise have received. From recollection, this doesn’t always happen, and seems a bit ‘weasely’ from the perspective of holding a competition (harsh maybe, but, well).


How about the devs each focus on a skill. 1 person should devote 100% of their time to getting cheaters out of the game. Each of them could focus down and be more efficient at what they do.

Multitasking is bad. It makes 3 or 4 different projects take twice as long.

Could you imagine if surgeons did a few different surgeries on different people all at the same time? Throw aside the fact that people can bleed out. You end up missing things or mixing up the procedures.

Cheating is A-OK with the devs, why would they ban cheaters? Perhaps you have cheater confused with hacker?

Gems of War has the benefit in that there is no direct economy as players cannot directly trade or even interact with each other. If another player has infinite gold, souls, glory, and tokens, it has no impact on any of us.

At most, infinite gold could be used to do infinite legendary tasks but for what? Many end game players already have everything in the game and have all of that fully upgraded (medals aside).

It really depends on how many players are cheating. If 50% of players are cheating gold in somehow, then that makes gold less valuable and impacts us all when devs feel the need to add more gold sinks.

Anyway, this is really an impossible question. Answer depends on how widespread cheating is and I have no clue on that.

You seriously think that legendary tasks don’t matter to players? Were you not around when Epic Tasks were introduced?
Gems of War isn’t an offline game. What a cheater does always has an effect on the game economy. If they didn’t… Then why would anyone care?

There’s two types of manipulating code:

Modders - Alter the game because the rewards don’t matter.
Cheaters - Alter the game because all the rewards matter.

Gems of War doesn’t have any modders.

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That isnt true.

Leaderboards are the easiest example. Cheaters can and have taken rewards from players that dont cheat.

What about making multiple accounts and using them to boost whole guilds? There have been some guilds lose a half dozen members in a sweep. 6 bots playing to make extra gold and LTs for the rest is a lot. Getting accounts more prepared for GW for example also stops non-cheating guilds from advancing or getting better rewards.

They climb rankings in trophies which draws more players. Claim inflated rewards and bonuses which draw more players.

Any game where players compete for rewards cheating effects everyone. Even something as simple as losing a pvp fight because someone gained rewards they wouldnt otherwise have is an effect. A small one sure but the hundredth time? the thousandth? It adds up.


Not sure how much time they are spending and how much time they should spend.

There seems to be also the problem that they are not able to detect everything.

But I have the feeling that it has not been one of their major worries lately. And that there are some weird things in the LBs.

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LTs are important for the rewards that you personally gain from them, but is it important that another guild is getting more LTs when the resources they gain from them don’t affect you?

new topic on an old problem
As far as I know, the topic of fraud, bots, cheats has been raised repeatedly (especially by me), and what has changed since the recent discussions on this topic? there is nothing
in my requests was to strengthen supervision and strengthen the protection of the game, even gave nicknames for technical support, nothing has changed; those people who played dishonestly and still play
my opinion is that they don’t have the strength, the ability, the will, the desire to fight them, all the new voting topics will not lead to anything, because they listen to people a little and there are not a lot of evidence

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if you really want to solve the problem with scammers and bots, then do the same thing as with the new event when there was a riot and discontent, then you were heard
Council of Chiefs before
Festival of the Sun after

We already explained how it effects the game economy.
It’s possible that cheaters caused the most recent gold Nerf. No one can say for sure because all the devs go off of is the gold economy in that regard.
Every guild competes in guild wars. Those with all the troops tend to do better than those who don’t. How do those players get all the troops? From Legendary tasks.
There’s never such a thing as victimless cheating in Gems of War. It concerns me that you can’t see it. But oh well I guess.

How again am I meant to know a percentage? Just however much is necessary.

Regardless, anyone who doesn’t think cheating is a big deal at the moment needs to stop living under a rock.