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What percentage of time to do you wish the devs spent focused on banning cheaters from GoW?

I think the devs should keep spending 100% of their time working on whatever game they’re working on, if they tried to interfere with Gems of War it’d muck up what the third-party contractor’s doing with the game.

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Literally at the start of business today (a couple hours after the OP?) we had 3 devs working on this.
Just because you don’t notice the end result doesn’t mean it’s not happening.


Never in the OP did I state otherwise.
Your time, and the other devs, time is divided between multiple duties. I get that. And I don’t need to see something to know it happens.
The poll was out of curiosity. To see if other players felt the same way as me.
At no point did I even consider that your priorities would change based on feedback here.


How many bans did they hand out?

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Do you think it’s possible to win 4000 ranked PVP matches in a row?

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Absolutely, except you’d probably go insane if you do it.

And what did they conclude on the 6 referenced in the OP?
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:

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Nothing in my mail yet so either they are “legit” which means they are good now and will get banned 2 months from now. Or they haven’t got to it yet. To be fair it’s only been 24 hours since I hit “cheat” on their profiles. Which probably means that my own account is marked as “spamming the button” so the reports probably get pushed to the bottom of the list to check.


they say that they work, banyat, watch, but only many do not see the result
and it’s not necessary to say that there are few scammers and therefore you don’t see the result, I think many of the years of the game have lists of dishonest players, and now tell me from this list many have been banned forever?
and I think that many wanted to see the result in at least some form, statistics, numbers, what to know, so that the progress and ban of violators takes place in real time and not in words

I think it is worth noting that checking players accounts manually is very time consuming. We do it because it’s important to us, and because we want to make sure our decisions are as fair as possible.

We ban a lot more players than anyone realises, and on a frequent basis. I’ve mentioned this several times before, but cheating is constantly evolving, and so must our cheat detection. We already put a lot of dev hours towards this, from detecting cheating, to manually checking account, to then banning.

And time is money. It’s a very expensive endeavour to do what we are already doing. If we did step up our banning (which is already pretty good when we look at internal numbers) it would be at a significant expense. Between workplace changes due to COVID, and the nature of game development, it isn’t something that can be considered at this time.

I apologise if this isn’t the answer you are hoping for, but I wanted to re-iterate our stance and processes to help shed some light on this topic.


I appreciate the acknowledgement. And I can’t dispute the cost of such time.
Hackers know already everything you just said though. It’s based off that knowledge that they know it’s a numbers game. Overwhelm the defenses so that when you ban one, 2 more emerge. While you have less time to check, they now have more time to exploit and cheat the system. And by no means do I assume that you don’t know what the ripple effect is in regards to the legitimate player base who spend money in hopes of not being cheated out of are.

If investing more time on the matter isn’t an option. Then I ask that you rethink the policy of letting banned players create new accounts. Perhaps an IP ban or requiring phone numbers when people register their accounts might help the matter. I know it’s impossible to rid the game of cheating 100%. But the more cheaters you get rid of, the more legit players you retain and therefore the more money you make.

I wonder if it would be possible to quarantine all cheating accounts to a private server where they can duke it out as cheaters against cheaters. They get to continue to play GoW while not infringing on the enjoyment of legitimate players. Similar to how the beta testers are able to play.
If you’d be willing to share the cost a month of how much it would take to run such a dedicated server I’ll happily find the funding for you. :grinning:


We’ve definitely made jokes about this in office several times. It’s such an elegant solution, but unfortunately doesn’t fix the problem, as great as it would be. People realise, complain, and make new accounts again.

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Except that, for most players, apart from the very few who are in the top Guilds/ massive grinders, this makes virtually no difference.

I’m never going to be at the top of the Leader Boards, neither is my Guild. Neither are most players who don’t want to put that much time into the game who are probably representative of the vast majority of GoW players.

So those at the top are apparently expecting that the Devs put a lot of time into dealing with something that affects only them…

I look at the whole topic of fraud again lost interest
the conversation begins many times, you think now finally people will express their opinion, but no, the developers wrote how hard it was for them and all at once they stopped the topic
I gave you an example above how to proceed, but you decided, as always, to believe the developers that they are doing everything possible to ban the scammers, but the current is years after X when the game closes)))

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@Saltypatra and @Kafka
I did what I was supposed to do last week. I reported the 5 accounts that I felt were suspect. I think it’s just one actual person botting on 5 accounts. I have evidence that supports my theory. But of course it’s all circumstantial at this point. I can’t know for sure without literally watching them cheat.

I actually was able to hit the cheat button 2 times on each suspect account. What’s my recourse now? Do I submit a ticket? Do I just ignore that the guild is currently 10k trophies ahead of PC/Mobiles most active Trophy hunting guild right now?
Or do I personally just work on assimilating myself to the majority of the poll and give little to no Franks about cheating in the game?



Six guilds with the most trophies last week…


Six guilds with the most trophies the week before that…

… It’s the same 6 guilds… What are you on about?

Current top 500…
Don’t be so myopic.

If someone were to suddenly start botting on 5 accounts, I’d expect to see a guild’s weekly trophy count go from say 20,000 to 120,000, I’m not seeing it.

Oh I didn’t realize the top 100 was total since the dawn of time, not total earned this week. Okay (puts tinfoil hat back on).

If I’m correct about the age of the guild.
Then they have been averaging 120-150k trophies a week since it was created.
Just wasn’t on anyone’s radar until now.
I noticed a pattern in the Raid leaderboards way prior to seeing them show up in the top 500.