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Council of Chiefs

I guess this is just a continuation of the pattern. GoW progression over the past couple of years has been:

  • “A guild/player that works hard can get all reward tiers.”
  • “A guild/player that works very hard can get all reward tiers.”
  • “Some events are much more convenient if you pay, and even a player working very hard must rely on luck if not paying.”
  • “A guild/player that wants all reward tiers must spend more than we give.”

Goes without saying our guild will no longer be participating in the gem shop on the next event like this.


Same here. We are going to wait for the math to emerge in how many tiers everyone needs to complete the next “World Event.” If it’s more than tier 4, we are skipping it.


The TUF guilds do not plan on ever completing this guild ‘world event’,
even tho most of our guilds are all in the top 100 LB.

The price is too high to meet this expectation.
Also due to the fact that the scoring is so erratic,
we also do not plan on implementing a guild req for it either.


I expect i2 will be following suit. It was a fiasco and not any fun. None. I think i would have preferred to go to the dentist and I’m up for two crowns :persevere:

Not revealing world event scoring in its entirety incentivizes guilds to not play until Sunday so they can let other schmucks figure out how to optimize scoring.

The stance practiced and communicated by the team has always been, that as long as less than 95% of all players are saying, a feature is bad, it is considered a success.
Statements like “I think, it could have been a good idea, but…” or “However I have to say, there’s one thing that is actually good about it” are counted as positive feedback.

Also it has been mentioned somewhere far, far up there, that the answers in this thread will be ignored.

In their books, we’re all happy, little bunnies, who would like to pay more.


The way things are going, the community manager will comment that the developers are receiving a lot of positive feedback for this new event.


Only if they take the metrics of gems spent. Such expenditure will ALWAYS happens in the very first event, then in the next ones if the trend continues they will see a steep decline in such numbers.

At some point there will be more and more guilds ignoring it completely and the whole purpose of offering new gem sinks will be lost and the work/money involved will be wasted ina feature that:

  • It’s not fun, so AT BEST it doesn’t adds anything positive to the players’ experience and more indifference, or even plain hostility, towards the decision making team will bloom in the future, when they change things again that will make player’s lives/experience a bit more complicated¹.
  • It’s not working to meet any goal towards the POSSIBILITY of boosting gem’s sales for a reason or another.

¹ Something in the lines: “First you shove this %%$#@ event into our faces trying to swindle players to waste their gems, and now you are making another @#%¨@ gem shop bait?! You must be insane or take us for idiots!”


I’m not even sure lessened gem expenditure is isolated to just World Events, either—Unforgiven didn’t “waste” gems in ToD this week like we have in weeks’ past just for the fun of being head of the pack. Getting to the weapon for all people still got us #6, after all.

I can’t speak for all guilds or playerbase trends — but I know we’re spending less, as promised in my post above :man_shrugging:

For the Horde


I’m afraid these events are now more obsolete than ever for the players that supposedly want to have new things to do, endgamers, simply because they are not fun and the first experience proved to be a drag…

Sure, numbers can be tweaked and this would lessen the burden of the chore, but boredom AND the lack of proper enticing rewards are a mood killer. The Event Medals, in my opinion, could be part of the enticing rewards.

Maybe not with all that bonus for skull damage during the event, but I risk to say that if we could keep the badges (giving 25% skull Damage) and the medals (50% skull damage) for ourselves it would be a boon for a lot of players.

New/midtier players would surely benefit more of some medals than veterans/endgamers, but still it would be better, AGAIN IN MY OPINION, to have something better than multiple Epic Medals to add an insignificant to small boost to some troops…


Reminder that the next world event is next week. Keep your pitchforks handy. I am now taking bets if the devs have meaningfully considered player feedback.


I will be truly surprised/shocked if the next world event has been properly adjusted to only require a T3-T4 spend.

If it requires T6-T7 again, it means one of two things happened. Either the devs/publisher are giving the playerbase the finger and/or hiding behind the “ItS oPtIoNaL” excuse; or it means that spending really did increase substantially, and their experiment was a success.

(I do hope anyone and everyone who was disappointed with how CoC was handled has not spent another dollar on this game, btw.)


Not long to we know, been a deafening silence in the meantime.,


Yeah, no commentary at all has been strange.

This was the first event that came out since I started playing that I did not enjoy. As soon as it came out I bought tier 7 in the shop, trusting that it would be good. I hope they didn’t mark me down as a satisfied customer because of that. Hopefully next time they will remember to add fun to the event.

134 posts later, still discussing amongst ourselves…


If they AT LEAST change the random score mechanic then I can say that this event is “not up to my tastes” instead of “plain imbecile”…

To put in real world terms:

  • “Janglerveibstein¹” works the whole month doing his best for the company.
  • “Marranilkovichs¹” came late, left earlier many days and even while she was at her shift she didn’t much.

Payment day:
“Hey Janglerveibstein here is your surprise payment check, and I’m sorry to inform you earned less than the average this time. Yeah… It sucks to be you mate… See you next month!”

“Marranilkovichs here is your surprise payment check, and ‘GUUUURL’ I almost had to use two checks to write down this many zeroes for you haha. See you next month!”

¹ = The names are fictitious and the situations portrayed here just as well.


Please don’t bring the nightmare back in 3 days.

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That doesn’t bode well. By not saying anything, they clearly don’t care how we feel about it, and we’ll see more of the same next week. The good news is that if it happens, its clearly showing how desperate they are, and the end may be near for this game. No game=no chains

EDIT…LMMFAO…I said this before I saw that they are adding ads to the mobile version of the game. THEY ARE SUPER DESPERATE. I hope this game dies soon.