I got banned for what i do noy know

i got for what, i do not know

no response from devs

Brand X guild

level 2153 in less then 3 years

best player in the game

just ask me

ask me no questions, i tell you no lies.

You probably got banned for cheating and the fact that nobody is responding should tell you you’re not going to get any help in your matter. Real gem warriors dont’ cheat.


Also if you were able to post a screenshot that would help.


You’re presuming he is banned from the game when actually it’s a chat ban.
I didn’t witness the conversation and don’t know whether it was deserved or not but can assure you that he is not a cheat.

Did he spam the chat like he spammed the forum?

I mean, what can anyone here do? We don’t even have any information…



We had to wait 2 months to get any answer on why my GM was chat banned twice in a row. In the end they told her she said “poof” or something incredibly dumb that apparently meant something she obviously didn’t intend. I wouldn’t expect a reply anytime soon.

Instead of banning chat or whatever, they’d better fix the bugs and do something about Share Play (PS4) because GoG with Share Play is cheating!
Guilds like Assonance and Burning Legends use it and probably Trophies.de! Please correct that! Thanks

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Callouts aren’t allowed on the forum.

And nowhere in the ToS does it state account sharing is cheating.


A lot of online games DO frown upon it though and in some cases do give out bans.

Gems of War is not one of them.

That’s a lot of guilds to call out at one time :joy: some people can’t accept that other guilds are just better than them :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Forgive my ignorance but what is share play? And GoG? I recognize the guild names obviously their players win every thing all the time, are they cheating? Is it even possible to cheat on the game??? Confused.com lol

@MistressJules : How to use Share Play on PS4 consoles