BANNED or not?

Hello developers,

we wanna know if [NAME] from our Guild Celestial Peak got banned from the game or not?

EDIT: Situation got resolved. Thanks for the helpers


This is not something we share to anyone but the person involved. Whether they banned or not.

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:



thanks for the answer, but he’s a long member of our guild. Obviously we need to know if he can’t play anymore and sadly needs to be kicked or something else is up and he can stay!

He (your guildmate) should be able to tell that to you. Right? I am quite sorry that this happens. :hugs:

Well if he got banned he probably can’t access the guild chat or the game at all anymore…so how should he be able to give us guild a message…

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I was thinking discord or something else, but I don’t know how you work.

We have discord, but I dont think he uses it.

Well lets see if there will be another answer or I have another thread I can open in mind

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Good luck. :slight_smile:

If a player has been banned they will of received a message from support saying ‘you have been banned for…’ with a reason for the ban.

You can read more about the ban process here:

It’s important to note that each ban is reviewed by a real human before being enforced. If you use Tarans Guild view you can also see if there invite code shows up with _banned after it for confirmation for yourselves and the guild managements piece of mind.

I hope the situation resolves for you soon


A banned player is not automatically removed from its guild? Sounds like a relevant QoL…
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you can check his invite code on Taran’s. Usually banned players have a “_banned” at the end of their invite code.

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