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Guys, it’s with regret that I have to give a forced “goodbye” as an automated system apparently detected POSSIBLE hacking by me on my account! I have 2800 hrs “invested” in this game but, apparently, no appeals process! All I was doing was adding a troop from my list to my green team for Guild Wars - not sure how “cheating” whilst doing this is even possible! Good Luck all.

It’s surely not because of your very last action in-game that you were banned…

Did you farm a lot of trophies last week?

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@vipag that’s odd… sorry to hear, I hope it can be investigated more…

Just to chime in, our system flags suspicious activity every week. This isn’t based solely off the amount of trophies or wins, as that information can be unreliable. We have much better ways to detect botting and hacking, and we gather the information that our system provides us before manually investigating each player’s data the following week. We do this to make sure third party software is being used.

If you feel that there has been an error, you’re free to contact support and request they take another look at your data. Generally we only ban when we’re certain, but we all know that any system created by or run by humans is susceptible to the occasional hiccup. :slight_smile:


One of our player left the game after being “banned”. For sure, he was upset that he was behind what he considered as cheaters in the Trophy Leaderboard. Ironic.
He joined us last week and he did a lot of trophies. Not really sure if he was a cheater or not…

Still is it mandatory to ban players on tuesday better than monday? We are only 29 members for the GW…

We have to ban players if they are found to cheating, even if it is a Guild Wars week. We are currently finding the best way to avoid mass banning during Guild Wars.

We have to ban cheaters as we find them, but we are aware that this does affect top guilds. We can’t promise that we won’t ban someone who is outrageously cheating during a Guild Wars week, as this is unfair to other guilds, but we are trying to find the best way to ban during Guild Wars week moving forward.

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I did get a lot of trophies on Sunday (reset day) as had a lot of time and several of my other games were unavalable to me, but still only around 500.

This thread has run its course, so I will be closing it. If you feel that you have been unfairly banned, please contact our support @vipag. We can investigate the matter further.