Bans only for cheaters!

Today one of TBH TOP-player was banned during day reset (and time when new patch was implemented). We suppose that caused by technical mistake, because we often get reported and all our members were checked a lot of times during gw. So, we are sure in our player - he is clear.
Who knows, maybe you are next! I am scared, that everyone will be banned after some time!
We would like to have more information about this case, not only formal words “you are banned forever, create new account”
We would like to be granted from devs that their new patch doesnt have bag that blocks the users who played while day reset!


In our GUILD Na rasslabone was be banned 2 weeks ago same player. You give ban for free??? or need just play and waiting ban anytime?? may be you recheked all bans for couple weeks? Thanks


I have noticed also that someone who exploited the 4.3 release mail glitch with alarming frequency has had his account reinstated. Cheats excused? What a joke.


How do you know they get checked by the devs?

The same thing that came to AWRyan came to mind. What do you mean by “often inform us”? As a guild leader, they never informed me of anything. Do you have any direct contact in TBH that others do not have?

Hello team, popping in to let you know that we have been working on our cheat detection at Gems of War. This is what I said in a post about it earlier.

We are now able to track and find more subtle and nuanced ways of cheating, and once our system detects that someone is hacking the game, we then manually investigate their account. As such, more players have been removed from the game, and will be removed going forward.

If a player feels that they have been wrong banned, they can always contact our support to have their case re-investigated.


So, please explain, what do you understand by “hacking”, if people are never used any cheat systems or change of game code? They can’t find the explonation of your decision to ban them. And I am telling not about 1 or 2 people. Smth around 10 people, at least that I know.
And of course they wrote in support, but answer was short, “There is no way to appeal, you are free to start from beggining” or close to this answer as I know!

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Just answer player in support, I hope they can do it. And player can tell us what they answered to them, what a kind of hack they were using and then it was.

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They aren’t going to tell people how they are figuring out they are cheating. It would only make it worse.
I look forward to guild wars with a lot less cheaters able to play.
Who knows. Things may have worked out differently last week. :grinning:


Unfortunately, you can never truly know if someone in your guild is hacking, you can only take them at their word. Our cheat detection picks up several different ways of cheating, which includes changing the code and running scripts.


I don’t need to know how they understand that players are cheating, I want just to clarify for players what for they were banned, if they by themself don’t know it.

And about GW that’s not huge problem for us, but I know that he was not cheating. So we all want to find his way for breaking rules.

If they tell you how he cheated. You’ll then be able to tell folks out to avoid getting caught.
No good can come from the knowledge of finding out how or why someone got caught in GoW for cheating or hacking.

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Bans are generally not explained, neither publicly nor privately, to other player, guild leader or guild members. Only person that can appeal to a ban and get some information is one that was banned


I really don’t need to know that your anti cheat programm can do, just explain it in your support for every player you banned, what for ban was. I’m sure that part of them are really cheaters, but not all! you told that you are checking every player it is not huge problem to answer them what they were using. For example one girl from our friends guild on her birthday put around 30 kk of gold and after that she was banned. She told that she was farming 30 kk from February! So what’s the cheat she use?

Again… If they tell you what they caught… That knowledge will be used against the devs.
The cheaters know the devs won’t say anything. So it’s their word against the devs. The devs want people to play the game. So banning folks who are innocent would be counter intuitive. But cheaters, 95% of the time, do not admit that they cheated.
Shocking relevation… Most liars cheat and most cheaters lie. They are both cut from the same cloth.

How do you KNOW he wasn’t cheating? How can anyone know besides the individual… And the devs who are able to access anyone’s game at any time whenever they want to.

Are you really thinking that I am searching for the way to go aroud the cheat? And moreover I hope bot can find real cheaters, who were using cheats in their past, so every real chater will be banned. But what if it was mistake?

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Simply he’s my friend and I know how he is playing =) It is not secret for me. And we can’t remember that he done or can do like a cheat.

I’m thinking that I’m just telling you what the devs don’t go into details about what people do to get caught. So to push it is a waste of time.
What if it wasn’t a mistake?
So someone is wrong here. Either the devs, or you are wrong about your friend.
Personally, I’ve had friends lie to me way more often than the devs banning “innocent” players.

Unless you’re watching him play 24/7…I imagine you’re correct… that he never cheated in front of you. It sounds like y’all have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, there will be no answers. :grinning:

The answer is in this article or something similar to the things listed in this article:

Modifying the game and using third party tools such as automatic bots to play the game for you.
We will not specify what was modified or which tool was used, but it will be one of these 2 things.

Normal players, even hardcore ones aren’t banned for playing fairly.


Really? That’s troublesome.