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How about some compensation

Servers problems and cannot play game. This is the worst I have seen in a while. I purchased Ring of wonder and would like to get some benefit from it before it expires. I worked during the week and of course I can’t play today because of this issue. This is not the only day this has happened since I got it but this is just the worst day. I really did not need to buy this because I have every troop and plenty resources at the moment but just wanted to support game and get gold a little faster but now I’m regretting buying it.


Greed happens (again).


Greed? So I guess you are used to buying things that do not work. Your comment is not helpful to say the least.


I’ve never known the Dev’s to NOT make amends for something like that.


I second that, yet i wonder if the OP really wants fairness/compensation or simply start an inflamatory topic out of spite. Technical issues on servers sometimes are beyond the control of ANY game company…

I’m sure he is aware, or at least he should be since he is a frequent poster in these forums, that a ticket is an effective way to deal with such issues as well as contacting @Cyrup or @Kafka that can and will do their best to help in a timely manner.


[quote=“Razzagor, post:5, topic:44244”]
I second that, yet i wonder if the OP really wants fairness/compensation or simply start an inflamatory topic out of spite. Technical issues on servers sometimes are beyond the control of ANY game company…
[/quote]Not out of spite at all. If I had not bought Ring of Wonder I would not have even brought this up. This is not like buying Gems. You need to actually play to make the purchase worth it. Don’t get how this is inflammatory. Heck I have not even called anyone out or called anyone a name. Kind of not my style.

The Ring of Wonder is good for 28 days, and it specifically states they need not be consecutive. As it happens, I buy it,too. Every 28 days. You want compensation for a couple of lost hours? I stand by my previous comment.


FB_IMG_1532105262446 All this grumbling at you on this post lol.

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Very well then, i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt (not that you need my validation for anything) because i can understand how it can be frustrating to not be able to play during a weekend or when you have a day-off from work, but your thread is not necessarily helpful to your problem, specially because we don’t even know why there are some server issues at all. The devs, just like you, left their work to enjoy the weekend and everything was supposedly working just fine when they left.

It’s more than likely that something happened on the host company they hired. Anyway, aside from venting some steam you actually lost some time creating this thread while also being misinterpreted, by my account i’m sorry about that, and as it was already mentioned i’m sure a ticket would get you something for this unfortunate event.

With that being said, explain the issue, no need to claim how you bought something as if you were “handing some bread scraps to the poor starving developers…” (<- That’s the inflamatory part wich seems implied in your original post)

Some frank and considerate talk will certainly earn you an equal, if not better, return. Send your ticket and probably Cyrup or Kafka will see my “pings” here and try to contact you to solve this as quick as possible. I hope things get sorted out soon and in the fairest manner possible. :slightly_smiling_face:


I… kinda agree with Razzagor on this one. The highlighting that you didn’t need the ring and just bought it to be oh-so-noble is what I am getting from your post, too. The thing is: It doesn’t matter how many resources you have or don’t have; you don’t “deserve” compensation more than someone who bought the ring and has zero gold and mythics.

And, in a way, it also doesn’t matter why the game was unplayable. When you install a game, there’s always all that stuff that no one reads, about what service is provided and what you get for your money and all that. Thing is, something happened that made the game unplayable on the weekend. It didn’t get fixed right away because weekend. The devs also didn’t break anything just to mess you up. It broke without them wanting to break it. And so, it doesn’t really matter why you couldn’t play - it was an outside influence and I’m pretty sure in all that stuff no one reads, every game company says something along the lines of “we provide service, but stuff might always break just by chance because life sucks and you aren’t entitled to get anything back then.”
So, in the end, it technically doesn’t matter if you couldn’t play because you were stuck in traffic or because a wild bunny chewed through the wires. It was no one’s fault and you couldn’t play. That’s it. So you are not entitled to compensation in any way or form. Everything you get from the devs is basically a gift from them. Demanding anything is rude.

On top of that, it’s normal that things don’t get fixed as quickly on the weekend. If your fridge breaks on Sunday, you gotta wait till Monday to bring it into the store as well. Even if you have warranty and they will fix it for free - you still won’t get compensation for having to live that one day without fridge just because it randomly broke on the weekend. That would be just dumb.

EDIT: I just remembered that “the stuff no one reads” is, I believe, called “terms of service” in English. I might be wrong so I’m not gonna edit that in. But I think I’m right. Maybe. I dunno. I am just a bunny, I don’t know anything. Also I should sleep since eight hours, so yay for weird post.


I think you pointed out SEVERAL great points, but I don’t believe the OP was intentionally being rude. As I’ve said in many other posts, the Forums are here to voice our opinions and thoughts, and I believe this was more to relieve tension and vent a tad.

The biggest mistake, and simple fix/close to this thread is that instead of making a post about it, the OP should submit a ticket (like @Razzagor stated) in a respectful fashion, explaining his/her concerns on the matter, and make the request for some type of compensation to ease the frustration a little.

@rojo I too have EXTREMELY limited time to play this game, even on my off days I’m typically booked with life and whatnot, but there are “proper” steps and procedures that you must take to have your issue formally and CORRECTLY resolved. Good luck to you!

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At least it wasn’t on a guild wars day

Hah. Entitlement thread again.

Oddly the devs have a great record of sharing a few compensatory goodies as a goodwill gesture when there have been problems. But I see no legal or moral reason anyone would be demanding it.


Again no one is demanding anything. Some here should maybe read a post 2 or 3 times before they add their 2 cents in. I brought this up for the reason I stated and for others that made a purchase that is timed like ring of wonder. I’m not looking for some broad compensation for everyone just a day or 2 added to ring for the ones that purchased it if possible. If I had not purchased it I would not even have said anything. Not working I would just do something else.

Whatever the reasons for buying are irrelevant, I can’t think of any other business that could get away with this type of customer service week in week out.
People are spending a hell of a lot of hard earned cash on this game and as I speak 24 hours later, I’m unable to log in.

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I totally agree with the op. The ring of wonder is unique in that you need to be able to play as much as possible (preferably several hours) to get the benefit of it. Yet logging in even once uses up a whole day of it’s value. Other subs (like daily gold/gems etc) give the FULL COMPLETE benefit by just logging in once successfully so nothing is lost when the servers are crappy like today.

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I won’t spend again because I really don’t like the attacking I’m getting from other gamers saying I should just suck it up. Calling me Entitled because I expect game to work. Not you. Some of the others.

Exactly my point and cannot see why others cannot grasp it. First and last time I will buy it and I’m VIP 9. Too many lost days IMO.

Why are you giving these people so much power over you? They don’t have to agree with you, and that should be totally fine, it is an open forum after all.


Subscriptions are only delivered to the mail if you login to the game, so if you were not able to login you would not have lost the Ring of Wonder days. However, if you believe you’ve lost something, please contact support using the missing rewards form. If we can see an issue we’ll compensate for it, as always. :slight_smile: I tried to locate your account @Rojo1 or @rojo but there are too many Rojos so if you still need help please include your exact invite code in a ticket.