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Ring of Wonder - Clarification

I’m a little confused by the new monthly offer.


  • New Monthly Deal: Ring of Wonder – gain 50% bonus to Gold, Souls, XP (additive with any existing bonuses a player may have) for 28 days. As well as Gem, Gold, Gem Keys, and Glory. (will not be available on PS4 until Dec 18)

So this ($19.99) item is only good for a 28 day period of play and then it goes away? What? That doesn’t make sense for the price. So if I want this each month I pay $20, that is almost $240 a year? I pay less for an MMO per year and I get a heck of a lot more than this boost.

Can anyone explain if there are any other benefits to getting this item or weather it is just a plain pay to jump ahead item for that time frame. Don’t get me wrong I understand micro-transactions and in-game purchases. I am a game creator also and have been making/playing games for 25+ years, but this particular offer seems way off base from other offers I’ve seen before (VIP level stuff).

Again any helpful insight and constructive arguments are greatly appreciated.



Yes, that is everything it does and it does only last 28 days.

It would make for a decent purchase for people trying to close the gap up to VIP 5. Other than that, I personally see no realistic use in it.

Players that naturally spend a lot on the game too will likely buy it.

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The 200 Gems, 10 Gem Keys, 200k Gold, & 700 Glory don’t go away after 28 days. The Gems & Gem Keys alone are valued at >$20. I think this is also one of if not the only way to buy Glory. If you’re in the mood to buy, this seems like a pretty good deal for the resources alone.

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I would consider buying it every month if it was only $3.99, maybe even $4.99.
But $19.99? Nope. Sorry. My credit card stays where it is.



I was willing to do the original thing - 100% increase on everything for 20 bucks. But only 50% is definitely not enough and I can’t play right now because of the particles anyway, so yeah… despite what I originally thought, I won’t buy it even if I can play again. And I do spend quite a bit on the game.

Devs can keep the ressources and do a 5$ for a 50% bonus and a 10$ for a 100%.


They really should learn from Pokemon Go’s micro-economic policy. Most of their purchases are tiny amount, but tbh, I’m afraid to check how many $3 purchases I’ve made so far…


I don’t think that practice works for most games. It only works for Pokemon Go b/c they have such a massive user base. On a per player level, I don’t think the game is particularly strong.

Most F2P games make their money off of a small number of people spending a lot of money in relatively large and consistent quantities (i.e., $20+).

But it’s a $1 value discounted by 80%!

But true story: I’m used to $20/month tops, usually in increments of $5/$10 every payday.

I like the +50% to everything, but I’d be way more prone to little $5 traitstone bundles or even diamonds. When I’m mindlessly grinding and I have a few beers, I get real weak to spending $5.

But this game’s shop feels like it thinks it’s Luis Vuitton. “Spend $30 or gtfo” means I’m never really going to spend any money. I can buy a lot of beer for $30. Not so much with $5.


I was actually interested in buying Ring of Wonder when it gave a 100% bonus at it’s current price. I’m no longer interested since it dropped to 50%.


Man, when I read the description I was hoping it would finally be multipliers for gems, gem keys, and glory earned in addition to the gold/souls/xp. Since the bonuses are additive and are only the standard combat/reward bonus modifiers, anyone playing for more than a couple weeks that is aware of the game’s mechanics won’t even get that much of a boost out of it.


I don’t even see it in the shop on iOS. Where is it?

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Not in the shop, but under “offers”. On the map, it’s the icon below mail that looks like a sack

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20 bucks isnt too much.
In my currency its only 5000 HUF worth (more or less). My elecrticity and internet bills together put out this value, and those are cheap. (My internet bandwidth is 1Gigabit, fyi)