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Shame to server admins. Impossible to play throughout all day

I consider myself a big videoholic. I’m 33 now and since I was 5, I’ve been playing everything that was available on my TV screen. And however, I have never, NEVER, experienced such a frustrating experience as I’m suffering with Gems of War.

It’s been more than 2 years of real pain because of server issues that make the game unplayable and disgusting to even start. No excuses needed. Every week a new one appears. And the only reason for all of these frustrating issues is that you may have 1) servers in a Casio calculator or 2) a person in charge in borderline situation.

Yes, I’m a VIP. Not a great gamer (fortunately, there’re great games out there apart from this pay to win) but I like to spend my time enjoying the powers of my troops. Lately, this is becoming so boring because of technical issues, that I prefer to play anything but this.

Troops lost, money, gems, seals, keys… Mathew hurricane I guess this week. The only game that suffers the weather conditions of anywhere on earth.

Maybe this is not your fault today. Being 2 years in the same situation is, of course.

A tired, angry player.

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As much as I love this game, I find myself agreeing. The delay and spinners on doing almost anything, even when things are up and functioning, really wear on you after a while. The game needs better server infrastructure yesterday.


I logged on today and claimed my rewards and I didn’t even attempt a battle after hearing everything with whats happening with the servers and all. No game is without its faults but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

Now I do understand the devs are a small team and workload is probably huge but I believe the core things should be worked on( worked on more*) before releasing something new the following week, even hold off on releasing anything. The chat function be constantly down, server issues and various other battle bugs. Each by itself, I can over-look as I do love this game… but it’s a constant barrage of problems daily and it truly does frustrate me to no end.


And better communication. Two tiny comments by @Sirrian in the middle of a forum post with no additional updates for 6+ hours is absolutely abysmal community management when your game is unplayable for 8+ hours. They desperately need a dedicated community manager (preferably located in the opposite time zone that the devs are in) whose presence is felt during events like this. It’s amazing how much consistent communication eases the pain of these types of events (though when they’re systemic, there’s still only so much outreach and communication can help).

Edit: I was wrong about the number of hours; its actually been even longer than I thought. Yipes!


I haven’t even been able to record all day because the game just load screens too long.

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