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An apology for recent server issues

Hey everyone,

As many of you have noticed, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gems of War have been having some server problems over the past few days. We’re working on this issue, and things should be improving.

Of course, simply saying ‘we’re sorry’ doesn’t make up for your lost time, which is why we’ll be compensating all console players as a proper apology. We’re still ironing out the details, but you’ll hear more about this very soon.

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Thanks for the heads up eh, on the PS4 I can say that as of today the game is running much smoother for me. I’ve had very few “spinning skull” connection error messages, and the over-all game play speed has increased for the better! The game used to hang when I would change the team I wished to play on the set-up screen, that has completely disappeared… Whatever your doing, your on the right track from what I’m seeing. ~Kudos!

Great! I’m glad to hear things are working better. Look for more improvements through the near future, and especially once we launch the 1.0.85 update in early April.

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Ok thank you so very much apology accepted. Thank you for letting us know

Excuse me, I thought I replied in this thread. Any particular reason why my comment was deleted?

EDIT: I see there are two copies of this thread. Very confusing! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion. I posted basically the same message in both the support and gameplay forums. As far as I can tell, there’s no good way to mirror the same thread across boards, so duplicating the message seemed like the best way to reach as many people as possible.

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Why not use the Official News category and save the duplication and confusion?

any chance we could get a list of what patch 1.085 will add?

Because anything that I say only applies to people playing Gems of War on PS4 and Xbox One. I don’t want to confuse anyone playing on PC or Mobile.

We’re still finalizing a few things, so we aren’t ready to release comprehensive patch notes just yet. In the meantime, you can find a few of the planned changes toward the bottom of the GoW console FAQ.

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