An apology for the recent server issues

Hey everyone,

As many of you have noticed, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gems of War have been having some server problems over the past few days. We’re working on this issue, and things should be improving.

Of course, simply saying ‘we’re sorry’ doesn’t make up for your lost time, which is why we’ll be compensating all console players as a proper apology. We’re still ironing out the details, but you’ll hear more about this very soon.


Not looking for compensation, but the server problems are not limited to the consoles. :slight_smile:

@MarvelKit The PC/Mobile crowd had server issues because they just had an update and tried an ill-fated attempt at Chat. Consoles are another story/reason.

@Nex Thanks for the apology and the upcoming compensation. Very generous indeed, considering you didn’t really need to do either. The server issues have improved immensely today, don’t know if it was because of double Gold, but once that was over everything improved.

No problem. Trust me, we share your frustrations, so we’re happy to help make things a bit better where we can.

As far as we can tell, the double Gold event wasn’t the cause of the server problems. The servers were intermittently unavailable all weekend – I couldn’t connect to the PS4 game, either – and that just happened to coincide with the double Gold event. It’s simply bad timing.

I’m working on a plan to make up for that too, though. Stay tuned.

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Nope, ours was a backbone server issue not chat issues.

The only way for me to feel compensated is for you to sneak some lvl 60ish daily active players into my sweet sweet guild, Team Bezoar!

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