When will the game be playable? PS4

Thanksgiving week had stretches where there was no way any amount of patience with “trouble contacting the server” issues would make any progress. I log on today and that is totally the case again. I watched a match trying to load for maybe 10 minutes before quitting. I got one in, but it took longer getting a error messages than it did playing the game.

The question is, how bad is the server issues? Should I just check back in after Christmas week and New Year’s week, or is there some plan to get some emergency work done on the game?

I am confused if this is a support issue or it is a gameplay reality. So much of the time I have associated with this game has been watching “Trouble contacting the server” messages. I can’t play the arena because if one of those messages pops up while loading the game, it is a loss. This has been true since the beginning, but now you can go 1 win and 2 losses from a single arena battle.

This is a console game just coming out, a free title not competing with practically any similar free titles on consoles, so it is odd. This game could fill the gap where there is no Clash of Clans or Candy Crush trying to slip friendly-like in to your wallet. It seems like server issues would be important, but they seemed to slip in big time.

I understand client/server problems, and this one puzzles me. The actual game is played on the client, and the server just sends and receives some numbers, keeping things honest. Maybe it is a database problem or something, but this game can’t send as much information as just loading the front page of CNN in many, many hours of gameplay. There just isn’t that much data that has to be passed.

Does this mean Gems of War has very big problems on the PS4 or not?

Let’s try to get @505GamesSupport in here to help you out… If you still hear nothing, try opening a ticket through them, they are the ones who run support for the console platforms. Good luck!

I appreciate it. I didn’t know about Gems of War on the mobile side until after the console release. I guess it was buried in the App Store. I can’t find it in the top 150 grossing games list.

I played Puzzle Quest as an Xbox Live Arcade game and its sequel. One of a kind. RPG and Bejeweled-like is like peanut butter and jelly.

I can’t believe Gems of War beat almost every free mobile super-title to console market. I hope they do well, because the sharks are coming. Activist on-Blizzard bought Candy Crush after testing the console waters with Diablo 3. I don’t see why almost every mobile hit wouldn’t work on a couch in front of a big tv.

This game deserves to be a hit. I have payed in to it quite a bit, though I disagree completely with the pricing structure. You know all that may have been trying to survive in a flooded mobile market. Maybe console success can change the way things can be done, or should be done.

Anyway, thanks for bringing Gems of War, which could be known as Puzzle Quest deluxe edition, to life.

Woah, your official sounding response made me think you were representing the Gems of War staff. I have no idea if you are or not. I probably mistargeted that response, but thanks for the help.

Haha nope, I’m just a player like you are :sunglasses: I play on mobile, though, so I’m not having these problems. I know 505 does the support for the consoles so I thought I’d help you out.

For now, your best option is to go to their website and open a support ticket directly with them.

I have been playing the PlayStation 4 version for a while now and have to say the 1.07 update has fixed the vast majority of task related bugs. Use to encounter them all the time but now seem to be able to complete all of them.

If you have trouble with anything though I would recommend getting in touch with 505 Games Support as suggested above. Very helpful over there and are happy to credit your account should glitches cheat you out of Gems, glory etc.

If I didn’t love the game wouldn’t have put up with all the bugs in the earlier versions but just can’t stop playing Gems of War.

Contacted support, they said they can’t reproduce the connectivity problem but suggested it might be the PS4’s wireless receiver. Who knows it might be.

The arena problem however, which causes a loss for each time the connection error is thrown, is an error handling problem. That is definitely on them. It can occur multiple times and then go through after hitting the error messages “retry” button.

As for support crediting my account for the glitches, they are every bit as generous as you would think a company would be that lives on taking $100 payments at a time from addicted gamers for flipping bits.

The game designers are predators and players like me are prey to them.

[Edit: post withdrawn. See below.]

Not a charity, huh? Well neither am I in sugar coating that this is an addict hunt. Feel free to volunteer your time to wiping up their hurt feelings at the expression of the reality of their pricing system.

The game genre is predatory, this game is was and always will be predatory. I play on console, this is the PS4 forum. I just got done playing Fallout 4. Great game, won’t accept more than $60 for the base game though. Won’t sell you imaginary currency and a card with couple mediocre pieces of art and an algorithm attached to it for just what addicts might pay for nothing much.

You may have missed it, but that is how the 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 dollar slot machines work. Free to all, get a bunch of fish in the pond, but what they are after is the addicts with overpriced deals in their undercooked games. Whales is the term I believe. This one finds their prey by baiting them with deals of the week, I am sure you are familiar with them, and then sees how much they can get out of addiction to a simple task.

I didn’t ask to reverse losses, they just offered something for my many hours of connection trouble. You know I might have thought it was my PS4 if I didn’t stream Netflix off it when the game went in to interminable connection issues. But my many hours of frustration (I was an addict) were worth 100 souls, 5 iron keys, and 2 premium keys. That could be like $10 worth of imaginary currency, or way under an hour of playing for someone like me. But I know, they didn’t want to give away the company fortune in souls and keys.

I just found out what my hours of watching their errors are worth, and given what I payed in it is insulting.

[Edit: post withdrawn. I did not mean to offend or upset anyone. Please accept my apologies.]

Not a charity and also a free game. You give them the best of both sides.

You say I however feel entitled to something I am not from this not charitable free game company. Makes me think you would give me the worst of either side, whether I say I dropped half a PS4’s worth of money on it in a month or that I never spent a dime.

I am not asking. You seem like you want to make this personal with me, and I really don’t like you at all.

Take it easy IntelligentDesire…I think maybe the best thing you can do is delete the game and move on. It seems to have really got to you in a negative way.

I can understand the way you feel to a point but still, you are getting pretty hostile

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I certainly did delete the game and I encourage everyone else to as well.

The VIP system eventually coming to the PS4 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This encourages players to make purchases just to make purchases to increase VIP rank. The VIP rank merely mimics their most popular purchase, % progress increasing armor.

This game is way more focused on becoming a better predator than a better game. Most of the game is little more than a slight upgrade from the 2007 title, though now with the soul of a predator trying to soak mega millions off another Bejeweled knockoff.

So you say, but I’ve never spent a dime on the game (VIP 0, baby!) and am able to kill all the Mythic 2-Trait goblins with a team of nothing but originally Ultra Rare or under troops (Not a Hero or actual Legendary in sight).

Also don’t play lame-o gobbys, obnoxious skellies, or squishy slimes. (Level 275 currently, for reference.)

I don’t need VIP to play. I can make more than 80k gold a week, as well as over 1k Glory, and I don’t have a single kingdom past 2 gold stars or a single Mythic troop to my name. Maybe it’s not that the game needs you to feed it money just to play now, but instead the fact that you haven’t adapted to the new features.

My non-existent money is riding on the latter. :money_with_wings:

Wait, first there was a lot of irrelevant things to digest there. You clearly don’t play on the PS4. Maybe you assume I play and still play on the mobile, but I quit playing on the PS4 which was a few days ago at least stuck between the 6th and 7th patch. I have only read about the 8th patch, but nearly every feature it added (which you claim not to have access) seems geared toward fishing for money.

I get you are a player who prides himself in not paying. I am willing to bet my time that is never going in this game again that you faced a bunch of VIPs in your first week of the changes that happened on the mobile side.

Not that everyone pays, but the game is intent on whaling. Baiting with insert unlimited amounts of funds for advantages. My point is they are predators out to get the ones that are vulnerable to their system (did you see anyone with a high VIP rank?). I avoid them like the plague, but this one hooked me because of puzzle quest.

My 6 year old nephew plays Clash of Clans, which has the same type of payment system, once said to me, “if only I spent $700 I would be able to get to the top rank.” Predatory games.

My point was that VIP doesn’t make a difference once you know how to play.

VIP doesn’t buff the opponent in any way, it’s just a minor way for them to maybe get money, souls, and exp a little faster. It doesn’t add to the challenge, it’s the people who’ve been playing for a long time and have played long hours that were frightening, not some minor unnoticeable little perk like VIP. :yum: