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Server Issues (7th April) + Maintenance

Hi Everyone,

As you’re likely aware, our servers are currently experiencing some strange errors (temporary error, incorrect login, and invalid guild)

These originate with out server provider, and are affecting a number of apps/games, not just Gems of War. Our server provider has been notified, and we’re all yelling at them as loudly as possible to get the problem fixed asap!!!

We’ve put the servers into a temporary maintenance mode while we wait for this to be resolved. Since this outage is a little sporadic, and some people have been able to USE things like Treasure Maps, we don’t want you to lose any of your hard earned loot!

Once the issues are resolved, and we’ve restored service, we’ll be mailing out a little gift to everyone to apologize for the outage.

UPDATE: Our server provider has identified & reproduced the issue, and are currently working on a fix.

UPDATE: No good news yet, unfortunately, except that the server provider has a team working on it (still). I’ll be sticking around to keep everyone posted though, and will turn the servers back on THE MINUTE they get in a fix in place!

UPDATE: We’re still here waiting to turn the servers back on, and it is my understanding from the server provider that they’ll be contacting us with a fix shortly.

UPDATE: We haven’t received the official word from the server provider yet, but it looks to me like everything has started working correctly again. I’m going to give them 10 minutes, and then I’m going to start bringing the servers back online.

FINAL UPDATE: Service is restored. Yay! We’ve stopped login bonuses resetting for a day, and we’ve also doubled up on subscription mailouts for the day, just to ensure nobody misses anything. Thanks for your patience everyone.


good Ps4 was unplayable Ce error after every Match and always 5 error Messages when you want to check Guild for example

Make it a big gift, like 10 Lava Arcanes for everybody :wink:
…or a legendary card free to choose :wink:


Thanks @Sirrian. Take the gift out of Parse’s hide. :wink:

UPDATE: Apologies for the tech-explanation if you’re not a tech-head, but I just thought I’d share what we know.

The Parse server has at least one bad index in its database, which is causing automatic throttling to kick in, which in turn is issuing these weird error messages. Hopefully they will repair the index shortly!


+1 what actreal said.


Right before the whole thing crashed it started me completely over, will this be fixed??

All of the data is still safe and sound in the database. The Parse servers were just having trouble accessing it


any guesses on an eta of it bein fixed?

@Sirrian any updates?

Considering it isn’t his team doing the fixing, probably the case that his guess is as good as ours :frowning:

UPDATE: One of the (unfortunate) issues of dealing with our server-provider is that, as many of you may know, they are shutting down in January 2017. Consequently, their customer support is not as good as it used to be a few months ago. So, I’m actually waiting on an update from THEM right now (and have been for over an hour).

However, we’re also looking at some workarounds that might allow us to get it back online sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you all posted when I have some more information.


I’m sure he has a better understanding of this technical stuff than I.

Peace is just so … quiet.
What do people do in peace?


Plan their next war, I guess…


head to the forum obviously.


How to plan for a war when there is no place to fight :sob:
I m now looking at the void n planning a fight in the void (sound so crazy)
People tell me how to start a war in the void :dizzy_face:

The server provider have identified the bug and are now attempting to fix it.