What happened yesterday will shock you! (I've quit GoW and you should too)

I didn’t log into Gems of War yesterday, and it felt fantastic. It was the first time in some four years that I haven’t logged in. This isn’t a game I enjoy anymore. Some have called it “burn out” – and that’s wrong. I’m not burned out, at all. If this game was worth playing for my time investment, I would play it! But right now, and slowly over the last year (or several) it has descended into a slow death, masked by bad content asking for increasing amounts of money.

There is an exhaustive list in my head of everything that is wrong with Gems of War. I thought about typing it up, but then I realized you could just look at the forum and see it there, because it gets talked about all the time (classes, arena, treasure hunts, event scoring, world event and tower of doom point displaying, needing external tools to communicate world events/towers of doom, etc.)

Thank you @Hawx for inspiring me to quit. Seeing you walk away made me realize that if you’re able to reclaim your time, I can too.

Gems of War doesn’t deserve any of our money, attention, or time. It could be a great game, but the people making it don’t play it and don’t care.



I couldn’t agree more. I’m on the verge of letting go myself. It doesn’t do any good to bring issues or requests to their attention because they obviously don’t care.


Besides the horrible clickbait thread title [Edit: Thanks for adding a clarification up there, better now]; as I said before, right choice for anyone, who can do the leap off. Your life will improve. Don’t come back, even when you start getting nostalgic in a few years. It will only have become worse.

I missed my call four years ago, when things went so badly one week (mostly in the form of two guild kicks in short time), that I came close to quitting. By now, it’s a harmful, timewasting habit, that is a pain to do, but not quite painful enough yet to let go.

Maybe a week of server downtime would help me and others. Should we suggest that to the people who don’t read or hear?

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It was intentional. I have literally logged into Gems of War daily for nearly 1500 days in a row, and thousands more times on the hour to collect those stupid tributes to get gems, because god forbid you don’t log in every hour. Log in once and collect your tribute? Here’s your 25 gems. Log in 12 times, once every hour? Here’s 300 gems. Yeah, that’s healthy gameplay!



I read your comments and I feel you should just take a break. If you feel that this game is not for you then that’s fine and just leave the game alone and play something else. It’s not for everyone. Back when I started playing this game in '16 I played it non-stop and then stopped for a while and then came back to continue non-stop.

I stopped again due to not having access to the game but it was refreshing to come back fresh, now especially to see all the changes the game has gone through, the new look the new troops, etc. I admit back then the game was easier to deal with. A person could choose to play everyday or not, play all the features or not, join a guild or not, but they could still enjoy the game. If a person chooses to quit no problem but why tell others to quit?

I feel like you’re on the ledge reaching for help making comments like this (I don’t think you are). That’s how it sounds like though. Back then the forums used to be less toxic too. I mean spreading positive energy helps. The devs are people who are working on what can be done to improve things and I appreciate how the company keep places like this up for feedback, because if not they could just shut this whole thing down and really not care, (like other game companies do).

You are free to do whatever you want but I’m not quiting, I might stop for a while but I’m not quiting. Most games replay value suck and are interested in just graphics and money (this game can take my money).

If you frequent the forums then you must have some kind of love for the game, I’m saying why would anyone waste their time in a forum other to seek help, tips and tricks, and have fun? Just take a break, come back and have fun, if not then yes… see you.



Sounds like you treated this game like a full time job. No wonder you’re burned out. Logging in every hour on the hour? Yikes! Yea I’d quit too if I played like that. It’s just a game. It shouldn’t rule your life but if it has yea stepping away seems like a great idea. Best of luck.


I know there’s a decent amount of active forum users that do this, and it still blows my mind :sweat_smile: I usually log on once or twice a day. Gems is just a game to me. I do it when I feel like it.

Each to their own, I suppose. I hope no one is prioritizing hourly logins over personal health though.


Trying to log in when I could remember to, because when you’re spending 300 gems per day to get 60 dragonite, you need to log in to collect those ~25 gems every hour just to break even.

Sure, if you’re not enjoying the game, by all means quit. Bit rude going on a rant on forums though.

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You must be new to these forums.


Not really. Just play during vault weekends and get vault keys.

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Sorry, but that is just BS @Draegor. You can go 100’s of VK’s without getting the 100 gems as a reward, even longer getting the 300 gems as rewards. It may happen before yes, if you are lucky, but you can’t depend on VK’s for your gem income at all. It is because of statements or false claims as yours the Devs goes ahead and destroys this game for the players, by nerfing things unnecessarily.


The dude has been here since day 1. He earned the right to rant. What is rude is calling people out who have given as much as he has to this community.


I joined back in 2017 I believe from hearing it in Aspalt 9 Legends by a couple of friends and joined Slayers keep when it used to still be around on the switch system. I remember Grinding for hours to just make it to level 100 so I could join and I still remember all the old friends I had in this game that just quited the game like Apocalypse and Ralph(axoltl maddie knows him) and even Gem Slayer aka Bridget. I miss them alot but Noticed This is only my second account not permed banned like my first(aka went through mental health crisis) and I’m almost at level 600 and I’m thinking about quiting as well its not fun anymore to grind for hours with all kingdoms completed most at level 10 already. Plus people in global aka mostly Roxie(sorry please read my dm if you see this) Spreading a rumor to every high ranking guild that I was looting her guild even though I wasn’t I have a life as well and I struggle as many people do. I was in my crisis finding new medications to try until we finally found some that works. Also yes I change my username several times thats cause I can never just stay with one name anymore. I was only rejoining cause I Didn’t know why I was kicked out for no reason given. (I also have parental controls back in 2017 I didn’t have any so I had chat around the time she thought I was looting is when I just got parental controls put on my switch system, so I couldn’t tell her what was going on) Now @feedle I’m sorry for everything I was trying to belong somewhere but it seems no one likes/wants me anymore so I gave up for 4 days and just rejoined Arcanum 8 which is now home guild, I wish I could show you How good I was doing in Purrgatory with screenshots but maybe on day I could show you. I really miss being your friend Feedle. I was getting 1mil gold and playing nonstop for 5 hours each day to prove I don’t loot guilds and was doing great until I kept remembering yours and her words which are trapped in my mind and won’t leave at all which just makes me sad cause I’m just loosing every one.

Gems Of War or any game shouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with your life outside of online.

Wrong actually @Globey (sorry for the ping), Cause I literally use games to calm myself. Plus Gems Of War was like a second family to me cause in global we would be there and help each other through hard times and help out with the game. Aka my first account @K9DarkHeavenWolf which I can’t access anymore cause that nintendo account got deleted but man If I could just chat with Ralph aka Tenisaiga or Apocalypse again to get helpful tips and teams for the game. But now I only use forums to chat.

I’m a relatively new player and this is my first forum post, so i may not have the right to share game related opinions, but what I will say is how I see games in general; the buzz they give, the success in them, the progress, the feeling of not being able to leave the games alone because you’re addicted indicates your liking for those games.

Time spent in exchange for excitement and the buzz obtained from them.

So it’s really a personal matter at the end of the day right?

@Draegor expressing one’s viewpoint (even in a rant) is what these forums are for. If you don’t want to read someone’s post, that’s your prerogative, no one is forcing you to participate, but don’t shame someone for speaking their truth. @igniteice is sharing feelings that a lot of end gamers have and that is a sadness at watching this game (that we all have loved so much) become a greedy money pit type game, where you have to pay to advance–kinda like Candy Crush (ugh!). I know if it wasn’t for my guild, I might come to the same decision… :weary:


@igniteice I understand your frustration. I have felt very similar & still do at times, especially regarding the introduction of dragonite. I was so disappointed that the devs would create a new (and pretty expensive) currency instead of allowing me to use some of the resources I already possess (such as power orbs) to craft these new troops. So yeah, I understand why you are angry enough or disappointed enough to quit. If it wasn’t for my guild, (who I’ve known for years and are truly like family) I might join you in abandoning the Gems of War ship! However, (call me crazy) but I’m still holding out hope that they may turn things around. I do wish you happiness in your new found freedom! :wink: Good luck to ya. :grin:


At level 30, I guess I’m still something of a newbie, even though I’ve played for several hours.
But the game is already no fun for me. I’m playing it on the PS4, and other than the same moves forever, you’re not doing anything. What’s the point of doing that for years?
I actually forgot to log in for a week the other day, then did it once and was immediately bored.
So, I’m going to delete the game now and wish all addicts - there’s probably no other way to put it - to get away from the game.