Social media status update

I’ll be playing Gems of War until the servers turn off. Regardless of the quality of the game. Because the people who play the game (for the most part) are more amazing than the game itself. I just wish the product of the game would allow me to actually start investing more money into the game again.

I figure if threads are going to be made about quitting the game then it’s only fair to have threads about folks who will outlast the devs on the game.


Exactly THAT :heart:


Agreed 100%. I have made lots of friends in GOW and so I don’t foresee myself quitting anytime soon, but I don’t spend as much time and money on this game nowadays due to not being happy with the overall direction this game is going. Too many unresolved bugs and too much RNG involved with some of the recent updates.


Same here. I’m in a great guild with wonderful people. Stopped spending money a while back ( I forget exactly when, it was some time ago), and every day that dungeons fail (which has been every day except one), is a daily validation of my decision.


I hope the devs could appreciate the sentiments of everyone else, because I don’t feel that way about playing until the servers turn off.

This game has put me in a mood where I wouldn’t be sad if this game went out of business. I wish I was hopeful for improvement, but who would I be kidding?

How do I explain Gems of War to new players? Excessive Battle Passes, RNG bad feelings, Excessive Time-Waste, and Devs that don’t play their own game