Server issues for the past 12 hours or more (PC/Mobile)

Reports from around the world of extreme intermittent lag happening on PC/Mobile. The start and end of matches take a minute or 2 to load randomly. Same thing can happen with tribute. So basically any time the game tries to connect with the servers.
I figured the issue would be resolved when the devs got to work but it appears to be an early weekend for them. I’m hoping @Sirrian has someone that can go in and fix it otherwise it’s going to be a lon…

…g weekend for most gemmers.


Can confirm intermittent issues, starting for me (or at least first noticed) at a little later than this time last night (so about 24 hours ago). Basically server contact will intermittently be impossible for periods of 15 seconds to a minute or two at a time, at which time you’ll get either a super long load screen or an error message and have to keep attempting until you get through.


totally can confirm. waited and waited bc it was mini boss battle and a loss would suck big time

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I can’t start the game now on PC. It keeps giving me ERROR 16: An asset has failed to download. It’s neverending.

I’ ve been having that lag and server connection issues since the release of 4.7 patch…

I have same problem.

Within a hour of the report I personally started experiencing zero lag again. And I haven’t witnessed any complaints about it since then as well.
So thank you Ninja Dev.