Servers are experiencing some difficulties (3:00pm GMT March 2nd)

Hi everyone,

It seems the servers are exoeriencing issues for a lot of people right now.
Our server provider has been notified, and apparently it is affecting a number of apps not just Gems of War.
They’re working to fix the problem right now


Is there a red phone in your house that goes off when things like this happen? I hope you’re not still at the office, given the hour in Australia.

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Actually, I usually work until 3am or so… that’s what happens when your hobby and your job are the same thing!

But in this case, more-or-less, yes I DO have a red phone! My mobile is set to go off and wake me if anything goes wrong with the game service!


So it IS a red phone?
I was expecting some sort of GoW sky signal that flashes over @Sirrian’s house instead.

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Now that’s what I call dedication.

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Aaaannnd… they should be working again now, sorry for the interruption!


Awww, you guys were waiting for me to get up. How sweet! Thanks.

when @Sirrian uses his red phone, which he call?

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it seems I can play now !

but “retry”, and retry , again and again~~~

Ahhhh its meddled with the day reset time. Should have happened in the last 30mins.

Its up from steam as of a min or two a go. was able to do a battle.

I wish I was that cool… I’m more like this:




I experienced the same issue, and more than 5 hours after the usual time, I have yet to get my daily login rewards. :fork_and_knife:

I hope it won’t break my login streak and tell me I skipped a day tomorrow… :cry: