Shop bug on ps4

Can’t express how ******* annoyed I am with this game now.
Not only cannot buy anything from the shop.
Oh they will sort this out in a later patch.
Well that’s fantastic tyvm

My shop has problems too but after a long loading time and a blablabla message on scren + accept, it finally works. So I can spend glory on the weekly new troop, for example, which is essential.
But OFFERS icon where I usually buy rings of wonder (unavailable anywhere else, PSN store included) is totally broken. I cannot buy anything there after pet update.

Some hours after my post I checked the shops again and everything (shop and offers in map and seal shop in guild) worked perfect for the first time in a long time. Now all is broken again. Maybe devs read it or just big coincidence. I will submit a ticket when my current ring of wonder expires and see what happens. I keep the faith. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you still experiencing this issue? It appears to have resolved in many instances, but I want to make sure it was fixed on your end.

still broken

Unfortunately it remains very broken.
Not only am i losing out on items but also vip points. Would have been vip 6 by now.

Still bugged.

Is this ever going to be fixed?

Surely when they need to make revenue it should be high priority.

Not sure exactly how many ps4 players there are, but even if we say 100,000 and they spend £3 a week.

£1.2 million a month lost - that can’t be good for business? ???

This weekend memorial day gem bonus.
Yes would have had some but still we are forced to wait.

Devs please bump this patch up this list, not only for the sake of us ps4 players but for yourselves.

Now and then, maybe once or twice a week, the offers screen pops up on its own over the map when I enter the game. And the shop works then. But 99% of the time it is broken. I like to chain one ring of wonder with the next but this way I dont know when I will be able to buy another when this expires in some days. Please, fix it asap. It is sweet real money!!!.:heart_eyes: