Fix your in game store please

Went to go purchase a pack from your in game store to get higher in level for VIP…and it didn’t give me anything…Took my money and no items. I asked in chat if store was broken and every said store is “always broken”, seriously? How is a person suppose to purchase and gain VIP status if the store doesn’t work… Ugh, fix it please! I warned other’s about it, just in case it happens to them.

What platform is this on? I think they are having some store issues this week but, at least on iOS, it usually works just fine.

On a slightly different topic, I’d take anything said in in-game chat with a grain of salt.

Perhaps an entire salt lick!

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Lol! Funny, yeah normally we don’t really read chat because it’s all non sense and childish drama. lol But when we asked it was flooded with, “Yes in game stores been broken for forever”. But we’re on PS4 platform.

They been having end of game battle glitches where when you get out of the winning battle the game like freezes for 5 minutes then it unlocks and it’s fine till the next battle win. lol I’d say take in game chat out and fix the game back to the way it was. lol Ever since chats been in game it’s been nothing but glitches and freezes. :rage: lol

Hey SmokinRoses,

We are in talks with Sony to try and figure out these store issues. We have created a thread asking for any players who are experiencing this issue just for some extra information about what happens and where the issue occurs. If you could provide any more details about this store issue and what you experienced, it would be appreciated.

Please contact support with your Invite Code and a copy of your receipt and we should be able to get your purchase to you.


My guild have bought two seals packs and haven’t got them, USA region and are desperate to get them before the reset. Support were onto it a couple of days ago but nothing since unfortunately.
Guild leader in quimby
Ranked 13 (guild)
Player in question was germee (I can pm details if this doesn’t get resolved)