Huge issue, ps4 store FROZEN

I cannot receive any rewards from the PS4 store. My controller freezes and I have to press home button/exit the game and restart. No way to spend glory

Hey @Girl,

We are looking into this issue closely and have the thread quoted above to try to track down this issue. If you are missing any purchases you have made, please contact support and they should have it sorted. In the mean time, could you post any more details about this issue in the quoted thread? It’ll help narrowing down the exact issue, so we can fix it as soon as possible.


Okay. This is what exactly happens. I click on the store icon. It takes me to a loading screen. I wait for about one minute. Then it takes me to the gold screen. Boom my controller losses 99% function. The only two buttons I can control are the chat and the middle home button. The only way to get out of this glitch is I have to exit the game and restart. This wouldn’t nearly be bad if it wasn’t for the fact that I cannot get ANY glory rewards. Even clicking on the news and picking “get rewards” takes me to the reward screen…but I am still frozen. I really wanted to get the rewards this week but I can’t :frowning:


I tried every combination of buttons. But the only way to get out is to click home and restart the whole game

This blows because Arcane Dark is a PITA to get considering which kingdom it comes from, and how awful it’s troops’ Status Effects are to deal with when farming!

I am.very upset by it.

This is exactly what is happening to me also. I first get an error message saying " failed to load real money purchaseables" and then it freezes up. Can only restart the game at this point. Please fix, this has been happening g for almost a week now!

I am completely distressed by it. I really needed those traits tones

Stones* lol

I guess I am going to miss out on this weeks rewards :frowning: