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Ring of Wonder not showing on PS4

The Ring of Wonder is not available for purchase on PS4 yet. Can someone check on the status and let us know when it will be available.

We are waiting on Sony to approve it. We will let you know more when we do. :slight_smile:

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They would have approved it if it wasn’t nerfed down to 50% before release! I still can’t believe they did that. That was something the community was really excited for, now it’s pretty much regarded as ‘meh’.
Hopefully I will buy the deathknight at Christmas because I am fed up of forgetting to switch armour for arena, (souls) and pvp (gold). I’m such a doofus. Lol
Oh, I also think that I’ve moaned and complained enough to justify spending more money on the game too!


Now you like again, a while back you were ready to quit.

Has gra bought enjoyment back to your game play?

Aren’t you VIP 5 x2? I always assumed you’d bought the Deathknight to get there.


Nope, only for my Mrs who’s quit because 'they’ve ruined my game '.
Not running a guild has taken away most my stresses around the game but I am always keeping an ear to the ground just in case anyone is looking for a good guild. I know of a couple.
Stan, I’m 6, Mrs was 5.


Sorry to hear about the way you feel regarding the Ring of Wonder @Nephilim . We try to make it clear that anything that is seen on Stream, previewed by us or posted in the spoiler thread is always subject to change.

We have to be very careful about what preview for issues like this. However, We really like doing previews so will likely continue to do them with a clearer disclaimer about the likelihood of troops, features or design elements changing before release.

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Any updates on when it will release for ps4?

We are looking into it now. There seems to have been a small problem as it has been approved but isn’t appearing.

It was a really enticing purchase but not now and I know I’m not alone in thinking this. It’s such a shame as it would have sold really well for you guys.

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Just as an update, the current dates (subject to change) are as followed -

Ring of Wonder is set to release on the following dates in the following regions
Xbox One - Out Now!
PS4 Europe/Oceania - 22nd December, 2017
PS4 Americas - 3rd January, 2018

The Legendary Troop Bundle will be released on PS4 and XB1 some time after the 3rd of January, 2018.

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Thanks for the update @GoldPhoenix0

Is there any reason the ring of wonder is £15.99 on console PS4 and £19.99 on pc mobile? Also why is the dungeon pack 4.99 on pc/mobile but costs 150 gems on console?


Ring of Wonder finally showed up on PS4 in Canada but it says its a $100 value that is 80% off but instead of $20 it is asking for $26.99 (Wth gives at $27 it’s not a good deal IMO). Is it supposed to be $20 or $27?

I assume that it is a $100 USD value, that is 80% off and then translated at some rate into Canadian dollars. For whatever reason, we seem to get some things at par and others at translated rates. We’re at 1.2533 today, which would get you to about $25 CAD, but the average for the last quarter and year is probably somewhere in the 1.27 range, so it isn’t a crazy exchange rate if that’s what is happening.

Question about the ring of wonder. From the date of purchase does it expire 28 calendar days later or is it 28 days of play time ?

Thanks for pointing this out, it does indeed look like the PS4 is showing discounts for only USD prices instead of local prices. The price on the button itself should be the correct price for that region, so trust that one more than the discount in the corner. This has been added to the Known Issues thread and should only affect PS4 players.

The Ring of Wonder expires in 28 active days of play, not calendar days. if you don’t play on a day (e.g. not playing the game any time between daily resets), then the remaining days for the Ring of Wonder will not go down.

@GoldPhoenix0 Thanks for the reply. I’m curious who sets the prices for these things: is it the Dev team, publisher, Sony or some combination of these parties? I’m also wondering why if it’s $20 US it’s not $25 or less CDN as the current exchange rate is around 20 to 25 on the dollar so it looks like it’s marked up $3 or so :thinking: ?!

Also the “active” comment on the Ring of Wonder can you clarify if that just means you log in that day or does it mean you have to be “active” / “playing” xx amount of minutes with in a 24 hour day (so for example if I just logged in to get my tribute once in 24 hours would that count as active?)


I’d have bought it with the 100% bonus. I guess there’s a ‘ring of awe’ planned with the 100%bonus?

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