A slap in the face

So you give a guaranteed major green orb for invasion yet 95% of other orbs are green as well. How about removing green orbs from last tier rewards. There is no motivation for me to invest gems or time for these events. Also the gnome events are a joke like players are gonna play to get gnomes to get vault keys for the lame rewards thats given over and over again.Oh yeah the orbs from keys also are nothing but green. I need a reason to invest my gems .




Lol .we both know that will never happen

Yeap 1st orb green.


Look I hate the RNG of Chaos Orbs just as much the next guy …or gal.
But what you’re saying is factually inaccurate.
This what you get for completing the 7th stage of the Invasions.

And yes I got super “lucky” today.

Usually I’m not so lucky.

As a completionist it sucks that players just as active as me have crafted Zuul’Goth or are close to crafting him just because they get “luckier” than I do.
I guess that’s just life though… But wait this isn’t life… This a game… Oh well, I’m silly for wanting a fair and balanced game… My mistake. :grinning:


What no power orbs?

I never have the time required to actually go for #1 in any power orb event.
A year ago I got #1 in Ranked PvP. I swore to myself I would never play that much of GoW in one week ever again.


I never looked at the number of orbs I had since I started playing this game (a little under a year ago) and I just noticed now I only have one each of orb of ascension and major orb of ascension. Not that I had any plans for them but thank god Zuul is more of a badge of honor than a good troop.

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I guess you are unlucky, i crafted zuul a couple months ago using just blue orbs.

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Just to remind this topic of mine: Let us use our Orb of Growth to level up the Champion Level

Sorry to hijack your topic, but there is not enough likes on mine to get an answer from the devs… Try to estimate how many are required :thinking:.

That will never happen. The devs like to push our buttons. I mean we all ok most of us hate treasure events and guess what . Another treasure event this week.

Between fraction event ,invasion,tower event,and major orb from vault key .I have not got any blue orbs. All green and orange with 1 small purple orb . If you all dont wanna give them out then just REMOVE all orbs completely from gems of war. Zuul is no where remotely worth 8 power orbs for a 1 cast troop. I guess its more of a collection troop for endgamers. Does anyone actually use it on a regular basis?