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Let us use our Orb of Growth to level up the Champion Level

Currently, we can use the Orb of Growth to level up the Level of Hero’s classes.

The idea is when you’ re level 20, you can continue to use the Orb of Growth, but this time to level up the Champion Level. It will be maybe too similar to how works Orb of Ascension (I really doubt that players sacrifice them for that) so maybe find another use for them :thinking: .

Orb of Growth could give 20 XP and major 100 XP.

This will solve two issues:

  • champion-leveling takes ages,
  • high-active players have a ton of Orb of Growth but no use for them (because of the ton of souls)…

Oh my god. Please? Please please please.

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I completely agree, i have 11m souls and i have boss zuul, what i can do with orb growth???

Excellent idea! :+1:

Отличная идея!!!

Yes, yes, and yes.

Any feedback from the devs?

I also agree with this.

+1 to this

Support here too.

Currently have a bunch of wisdom and growth, and since never get ascension no use for the other 2

Have to support this!

Given the labor to get the orbs, the XP they give could lift a little (Champion Level 1~70 needs 2485 XPs).