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Please allow us to use Orbs of Growth for class exp

They seem fairly worthless for one level on a troop, but if they granted one class level’s worth of exp, they would be a lot more valuable. Especially in the 90-100 grind.


Yes please.


Seems like reasonable idea without affecting in game currency too much, and will ultimately only affect a small percentage of players that are end game enough to not need them for anything else.

I like this idea but I think with the amount of major growth orbs we get and it would only take 5 to max out a class it won’t happen. I am all for using minor growth orbs for class xp though.

You could limit the amount of points you get from an orb of gross. A minor one gives 100 points, a major orb gives 500 points.

Or you can say that a minor orb gives you one level, a major orb 5 levels on the class. That would mean you need to use quite a few orbs to get a class up to level 100.


Yes please +10000 %100 or anything than lvling troops

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So what I’ve learned is…
Any reasonable request has to come with a price.
Whether that’s 505’s or infinity plus 2’s fault… It doesn’t matter. It just is what it is.
So would everyone be okay with 100 gems plus a major growth orb worth like 500 class xp? Based off that evaluation, 5 gems and a minor growth orb for 25 hero xp?
You have to phrase feature requests like you’re going on Shark Tank if it involves making a current useless resource for some, useful for all. And only adding gem cost will make it a possibility. Much like me, souls and glory are useless in the devs eyes now. The only thing we care about is gem cost.

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I would use green orbs but I wouldn’t use my gems to level the hero class up… unless it was a small amount, say 1 gem per level. 100 gems to get to lvl 100 for each hero class ends up being a hell of a lot of gems. I keep a supply of gems (usually fluctuate between 1,500 and 3,000) to get dungeon stuff, new delve weapons, new doom weapons, new invasion troops, new raid troops, and new bounty troops. Sometimes I will use them on a pet if I am close to a kingdom power level. Leveling up the hero class does not have gem value. To me, using gems to level hero class would be like using gems to level up the soul forge.

Which is an option already. Basically they want us to presently use gems to get hero XP from class trials. But that pretty much requires folks to do the trial otherwise it’s less beneficial. In my idea it still allows gems, and a resource to get hero XP. It just saves us the most of precious resource of them all… Time. :grinning:


I forgot all about hero class trials :sweat_smile: I only use the free sigils to get 30 gems or whatever it pays…I would only play them further to get an orb of chaos but, the gem investment per orb of chaos return is too high in the class trial event, compared to other events.

Other than this I think all major orbs should cost at least one orb cheaper than they are now. (So let’s say you want a to lvl up a troop with orbs = you need 20 minor + 1k souls (it’s abundant for OGs) compare to using 20 individual minor only . or major growth that uses 4 minors who is coming out with this math :face_with_thermometer:

That’s a great idea. Given how easy souls are to farm orbs of growth are kinda useless even for mid game players and are only worth for crafting orb of power but that’s something end gamers will do.

Classes take way too long to level up, especially given how many there are in the game at the moment. So something like this would be a win-win.

…you need 20 growth orbs to forge a major growth orb

No and No.

I like the idea, and I like the addition of gems. If you add gems to the picture it is more likely to get accepted. This is because if it’s just the orbs, no one will use the class leveling events. I would also add that it should only apply to exp, and it should not count towards the weapon, or raise the 250 wins to 750 or 1000 in that case. It is very unrewarding to do the class leveling events anyway. I could also see the orbs of growth to be implemented in the event itself, like when you buy a tier it would give you the option to double the xp you get from that tier if you add a minor orb and maybe a 5X for a major, or just allow to use them for a fixed amount of xp and let you use one every time we buy a tier or get a reward. That would make me actually buy some tiers and get more active in these events. (sometimes I’m not using up my free sigils because it’s not worth the time).

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This still baffles me.
You can get 20 levels out of a major orb at best, so the only advantage is having to do fewer amount of clicks. (Even worse, since leveling 20 troops from 19 to 20 is worth more souls than leveling 1 troop from 1 to 20)
The same is true for ascension and wisdom. They cost the maximum of what you could get out of them, PLUS an extra fusion cost!
The only reason I can ever see for crafting these is Zuul. It feels really weird to constantly have that option there looking like either a newbie trap or pandering to the end game players.

There really is no reason to craft a major orb other than to eventually craft a power orb. The only possible exception would be ascending a common Vault troop to mythic. (5 ascensions for the price of four). Regular common troops are easy enough to get to uncommon/ultra rare.

Orbs of Growth for XP will never happen. Currently XP is ONLY purchasable with Gems, the premium currency, and only during the very limited time window of class events.

Orbs of Growth have the less value out of the three types of Orbs. Minors are worth a penny of Souls and majors maybe a little more, but never can there be compares to the value of gems. So don’t expect what’s never happening!
And I hope I don’t have to eat my words after future patches come, because I do use minors to Level troops from 19 to 20 to save a few Souls :rofl:

Chiming in here for this thread, and adding onto @Tuaya 's post.

For the sake of everlasting optimism, I’ll say “never say never”… but yeah, this is pretty darn close to absolutely-never-going-to-happen.

Players want to save in-game resources on [insert anything here]? Spend time and grind away.
Players want to save time on [insert anything here]? Spend premium currency and real money.

There’s not going to be some sort of in-between on this (or anything similar time vs. resource constraint in the game). As the meta moves along and starts creeping more and more into the 15+ Power range, players are going to feel the pressure of not being able to grind enough to keep up with the pace of leveling requirements in each kingdom as new Power levels become available. And that’s exactly what the Class Trial Shop is for. The primary source of Hero(ine) class XP in this mode isn’t clearing the Stages, it’s in buying the Tiers with premium currency.

As always, I’ll disclaim the following statement that I’m not a dev, but I can all-but-guarantee players that this constraint is will be working exactly as intentionally designed as it becomes more prevalent over the next year.


Still waiting for this request, we re coming closer to the first 20 Star Kingdoms.