When you get a green orb



dont forget for new players the green orb must be tasteful in some cases. :clown_face:

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Yeah I hate getting them so much I thought I had a gajillion rocks. Looked at my inventory the other day and it turns out I don’t even have enough to craft a Boss card… I know a lot of people say Enraged Kurandara is not worth it but I still should horde all my orbs just in case another Boss that doesn’t suck comes along…

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It is disheartening to get for event rewards when you and guild work so hard. I hate it! I started saying I got a rock in guild chat and most in guild now say it too. FYI I’m leader of Shark Tank on Xbox. I may have some openings soon. Hit me up on Xbox @ Net Sh4rk. :shark:

Appreciate the invite but unfortunately I’m on ps4. Sometimes my brother is over when I’m opening chaos orbs and this guy will pray to the gods for me to get a green orb just to break my balls. Joke was on him last week though… he pulled two Shades of Zorn from guild chests last week.

I am lvl 1200 plus, the bounty even prior to one we just had, i completed it and every orb it gave me was GREEN!!! I was fuming for the time it took me.