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Is there a data collection thread for orb color % chances?

If not we can start here.

Not that I know of. But if it helps…I have more souls and TS than I could ever need. So I have zero % chance to get a Major Orb of Ascension (never owned one).


Wow that’s some bad luck buddy. Ok so I was thinking just track minors because of the guaranteed major greens in raid/invasion?


Green 24
Blue 10
Orange 19
Purple 8

image I got 1 minor and one major orb of ascension from the bounty event, felt like i won the lottery! 14 minor and 2 major clan orbs also

For three accounts:

First, I’ve used 1 clans, 0 anything else.

Second, I’ve used two Wisdom, 0 anything else.
(yes, that is correct, only one normal orb of growth on this account)

Third, I’ve used 2 clans and 1 wisdom:

All greater growth orb are the guild bonus guaranteed ones from each, so I won’t count those.

So thats
13 green, 14 orange, 5 purple, 5 blue
1 green, 8 orange, 6 purple, 3 blue
13 green, 16 orange, 4 purple, 4 blue

Or a total of 27 green, 38 orange, 15 purple, 12 blue.

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I’ll post when I get home. I haven’t used any orbs and have quite a few. Got lucky on ascension orbs too.

I think even without collecting a large data sample its obvious the chances aren’t even. Which is pretty crap Imo needing equal amounts of each to craft Zuul. Not only are the chances higher for green but the guaranteed major is always green. Give us a freaking break devs.


The guaranteed major orb is green because it takes 20 minor green orb to get 1 major instead of 4 for all other orbs.

That would be acceptable Imo if the odds were equal of getting any color any other time.

Major Orbs of Ascension are the most useful so therefore the most rare.
Or in my case… The most Unlikely… borderline impossible. :grinning:

Likely due to the complaints that Zuul’Goth was basically impossible because of the arbitrary 20 orb crafting bottleneck for greater orbs of growth if you got unlucky on (or didn’t get any) greater orbs of chaos. But that point is moot if Ascencion are a half to third as likely as other Zuul-orbs to drop anyway, because thats another potential bottleneck. So the greater growth orb is still basically meaningless.

Anyways, Zuul’Goth is just there to seem to be possible unless you are hitting that number one leaderboard spot in raids/invasions, in which case, trophy troop (and maybe a functional +1 magic at some point). I’m not going to bother to redo the math the expected acquisition time it again based on the outcome of the new drop ratios and “pet mastery” orbs. Its between many months and many years, more likely years.

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I think the ratio is something like:

35% green
25% orange
25% purple
15% blue

So it seem for sure blue is going to be everybody’s bottleneck. I guess you could quickly recalculate time to Zuul just based off that 15%. (instead of the 25% like we all assumed in the beginning)