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Shame on you trolls

Does this ever end, guys? a LARGE number of you change your defense team to gnomes to troll the newer players. making them think they’re getting to fight an actual gnome with rewards…but NOPE…I thought we were supposed to help the newcomers…not make them feel like idiots.


If it helps, you won’t see a Battle crashing gnome until the battle starts. I too get aggravated, especially when I see a pet gnome that won’t drop a pet.

If that’s happening, at least they’re not facing Life & Death?


They have an easy fight, so what is the problem?


GoW should definitely make a rule that takes away the individuals choices in defense and only allow people to face exactly what they want to face.
The “refresh” buttons in PVP just simply isn’t enough of a way for the game to cater exactly to the experience that I want.

I agree with the OP… Those with free thought that don’t do exactly what I want them to do are officially “trolls”.

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My usual def team is more menu themed. Tasty dragon eggs, delicious festival cow, and fresh Moa served by a ‘friendly’ innkeeper. Even have a Bard in the background.

But trollin people with fake gnomes got old after the first week… years ago.


Is there any reason at all (beyond guild wars) to play with something else than 4 firebombs except trolling other people?

If u see a gnome on your screen, u can see the gold bag symbol on it
That’s all I’ll say
Though this post leaves so much to say…mostly about you


The more your defense wins the more gems you get from it. The less people easily farm gold in PVP the less likely the devs are to nerf the gold from there.
If someone wants to use an easy 4 Firebomb defense so that they benefit from due to more revenge matches then they have every right to.
If someone wants to use a difficult defense so that they benefit from more gems and less worry about gold nerfs they have every right to.

To label someone a troll for doing something they don’t agree with is a very myopic approach to GoW or life in that regard.

Personally I’m not a fan of those who use 3 fire bombs and a weapon. Does that make them a troll for doing it?


As far as i’m aware winning has nothing to do with gem gain on defense.
Gems on defense are gained when the AI does a 7 cascade.
On offense you gain treasure maps and on defense you get gems.


I’ve heard that before.
I can’t imagine the game is keeping track of that much data though for every player.
But even if that’s the case. Firebombs aren’t going to make that kind of thing happen.
My theory is based solely on results that I’ve witnessed.

I don’t have an issue with gnome teams or 4 fire bomb teams.

The fire bomb and lust defense teams that show a fire bomb in the selection screen, now that’s a troll team.


especially when dev’s added a small bag icon on real gnomes that appear in battle, so… any new player can see, that gnomes without bags just dont give rewards…

scouting exsists for as huge cost as 50gold…

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True. Scouting may save me from walking into a trap team, but it does not prevent the hole in my heart knowing that it could have been an easier 4 fire bomb team.

Oh sorry, I’ve been using a standard defense team that’s 4 different gnomes, due to the fact that teams with 4 unique are supposed to show up more. They are all mythic so have a high team score. You want me to change it back to 4 firebombs?

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I agree if you’re going for easy defense there are less troll-like choices other than your own Gnomes. I’ve had 4 Fire Bombs forever. Get in, get out, hopefully find me again. I just wish there were incentive for me to be there more often other than Pet Gnome hunting.


I condone players doing whatever they choose within the parameters of the game
I don’t condone your being flagged
I condone you making a fool of yourself for the world to see, and the fact you’ll never realize that’s all you’re doing :joy:


Setting defenses with gnomes makes it easier for new players to get wins against high level accounts. This leads to revenge battles and double gold. It also is a good way to farm honor. It’s why you see cows mixed with firebombs and gnomes. Anything to make the battle easier.

4 firebomb defenses are now selected out of the pool more often as are any non unique defenses unless they’ve changed that adjustment made a while back. Your defense will see less attacks with 4 firebombs than other defenses.

Real gnomes don’t appear until after the battle starts. Learning game mechanics is helpful for newer players and they should learn how features work.

edit Given how the pvp pool now functions since the casual pvp change, I know players get to see my easy defense as the 3 trophy fight over and over in a smaller pool.

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For Wishkiller:

I wish to play any defense I choose in this game.
Why do you want to kill my right to do so?

Just because your feelings are being hurt?
Why are you so ‘sensitive’ and triggered by such a minor issue?

Personally, I do not play that defense, nor do I condone it.
More inportant, I just do not care about it.

TL:DR The players right to play any defense has priority over others dislike of a particular defense.