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To all who use all Fire Bomb Teams for Defense

I sincerely thank you, and I hope you enjoy and reap the benefits of killing my all Fire Bomb team in many revenge battles.

To those of you that put up super difficult defense teams please re-think what you are doing…:slight_smile:


From those with good defense teams: just testing defenders :skull:

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My buddy Bladebase_ suggested the fire bomb team. My fire bomb team wins just as many fights as my regular team. Not sure how it wins but it does. I leave it up now because it is easy to beat and I hope more people do that.


I made a thread about the all fire bomb teams a while back. I deliberately avoid playing these teams as I think it is very boring, and I would rather play a difficult defence team and have fun rather than just win by default. Imagine if everybody used the all fire bomb defence? Can you imagine grinding match after match against that team in PVP, that would kill the game completely. In my opinion the devs need to start better rewarding defence teams in PVP, maybe in a similar way to guild wars (i.e. bonus points for different troop each day etc).


I agree that 4x fire bomb is only slightly more boring than repeatedly fighting the same old meta teams over and over. I’d love to see more unique and creative defenses that are actually challenging. Of course, that won’t happen until they revamp PVP and incentivize using good (and unique) defenses.


Since my fire bomb team wins about as often as it loses, I don’t really think your defense team really fights. I have run a single fire bomb fully traited which explodes on turn one if no skulls or 4/5 gem matches. There is no chance for it to win unless it just matches skulls. Yet it still wins about 30-40% of the time. So I am not sure how accurate the defense team really is.

It’s actually pretty brutal vs. a player that doesn’t have all kingdoms leveled or lots of cards ascended very far. Also, there are some team makeups that are really fragile and it can do some serious work there.

I learned long ago you don’t laugh at a 4x mythic Fire Bomb team and still treat it like a threat or it will embarrass you.


I’m guessing low level players see an all fire bomb team for 3 trophies and think ‘hey, that’s an easy defence team, I wouldn’t normally take on a high level player for 3 trophies but I’m going to beat this team easy’, and then end up getting beaten lol! There is literally no way this defence team should beat any player on a similar player level lol!

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Single card defense teams get auto switched to something that has a full team. I imagine the only exception would be those without 4 troops… doubt they’d even show up for PvP though

I didn’t know that, I wondered why I don’t encounter any single troop defence teams any more. Definitely needs to be more incentive to create varied defence teams in PVP though. Although there will always be a meta defence team, at the moment there is still some variance with different people preferring different teams (psion/rag/fam, or troll/nyx, or siren/infernus are popular at the moment). However, I do also see quite a few inventive defence teams in PVP, and my own personal defence team which I have never seen anybody else use and has kill rate of just less than 50/50 which is not too bad. I play on X1, so I don’t know what it is like on other platforms.

Yeah, 4x Fire Bomb is an easy win. On the other hand, it is boring as hell and worthless for testing potential GW teams. So, if you like to win without any thought, more power to you. I’ll be playing someone else.


Also on x1 and I switch up my defense team from easy to something annoying I faced and can duplicate. Latest one is 3x dwarven door and king highforge.
I’ll also run with random gw teams that are terrible. Easy revenge fights are never bad to have.

Personally I turn it into a challenge. “Can I win by killing at least 3 of the Fire Bombs?”


Same. My best is 3 on a massively lucky cascade of purple.
My worst was actually losing… they had the same cascade but for skulls.

Really? :thinking:

So no more pvp
They must change name of the game to Fire bomb pvp game.

If all people put firebombs what are you going to do? You don’t need to attack them to win. So just move and wait, so boring and sadly.
So people who put strong defense are doing bad? :thinking:

I´m sure I’m not going to put 4 fire bombs in defense, sorry I’m one of this guys that do bad.
I must re-think?


I rather see 4x fire bombs then FT, Nyx, DB, Mab.


It’d actually be kind of funny to see what would happen if the majority of PvP defense was 4x Fire Bomb.


I do the same. Still pretty worthless.

I fondly remember when players helped others finish the events by putting up appropriate defense teams. That seams to have gone away completely now with so many just putting up meta defense teams which suck the life out of the game and make the matches longer. At least with the 4x Fire Bomb teams, albeit boring, are fast to get through and allow you to move on up the PvP ladder to tier 1.

To those that claim to be testing PvP defense teams, I think this is completely valid and you should continue to put up varied teams. If you are testing PvP teams then you obviously are not using the tried and true meta defense teams that are soooooooo freaking common right now as there is no need to test those… right?


I don’t need to test normally, and I see a lot of 4 fire bombs teams
I repeat if all people want a 4 fire bomb defense then lets change the game, to fire bomb attack event, not pvp.

Player vs. Player? or Player Vs. Fire Bomb?
That’s your choice, I ´m sure I don’t want this

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