If your running Psion/rag/famine/spirit

For anything but 1 day of guild wars…your why games die…delete your acct and never play this game.


Whilst I kinda agree with the sentiment, I don’t think a thread like this will ever achieve anything and I think the rude nasty tone will just annoy people. Go find another way to vent, or try making some suggestions. Another ‘why the devs don’t incentivise defence variety’ thread must be due.


Something similar is still my defend team.

The devs mentioned on 1 of the Q&As that they will eventually do something to PvP defend to try to address all the issues it currently has.

Right now normal defend teams:

  1. Are more profitable to lose than to win.

  2. Have no incentive to ever change the team.

  3. Can be changed to skew the difficulty of a given event week to be much easier than it is intended to be.

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On those points:

  1. Yes, but the differences are marginal really, and few people seem to have noticed or care much as I don’t think we see many joke defences

  2. Agree, which is where much of the issue lies.

  3. Unclear if you think this is a problem or not. Events that need us to kill certain type foes in pvp can be nigh-impossible if others don’t (vaguely altruistically?) set those types to defence. Who’d have any Strix in defence normally?

Actually there are so many ugly and dangerous defense teams during the guild war. Psion–Famine team maybe a thread but not so strong, I mean that it is much easier to defeat them, compared to dwarfs or wisps in past version. At least, usually this team wont kill the players in one turn, as goblins do.

Just a thought - how about not telling people how to play their game?


Yeah, I know. <😡>

Yes, I know < :slight_smile: >


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Yeah as long as i’ve been playing there’s always been a meta defense we see much more often. Not too long ago it was the kraken team. I’m sure it won’t be too long before there will be a new build for people to complain about. We are all free to play, or not play, however we like. Coming on and attacking people who use that defense is definitely not the most constructive way to go about it. You catch more flies with honey and all. An attitude of i’m having trouble i need help with counters to this awful team will get you a long way. Lord knows there are plenty of those threads and lots of people willing to assist. An attitude of f you go away will only be met with disdain and the same attitude given back in return, imo.

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this thread actually makes me want to use the team for every single day of guild war.


When I see that team I just use Mercy/Alchemist/Hellcat/Gard and wipe them in a couple of turns.
What I truly hate is Goblins, especially in GW. One wrong move and it`s game over.


Challenging battles are the best. Would we like to win against four Peasants, or be beaten by sheer RNG against a random whatever team?

(Yes, I’m quite indifferent to how GW end. It doesn’t make an huge difference fron where I stand. Still I’d like the adrenaline rush)

I think Assassin hero w. crude club in place of Mercy is even better. It doesn’t trigger every match, but watching back troops just poof out of existence as you skull-spam the front lines is extremely gratifying.

Edit: I use Assassin, IK, Mercy, Sheggra as my full team.

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Crude Club leaves you open to having Mab freeze your hero and block red. What’s the cheapest non-red, non-yellow weapon that would serve a similar purpose to Crude Club?

Sword of Heroes, 4 Blue mana? Also Silver Sword, 7 Brown Mana

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I typically don’t see Mab on the target team and wouldn’t use my assassin build against a Mab team for fear of getting the first troop frozen on skulls (which is a much bigger threat than being frozen on any color). Sylvanimora is equally problematic, though it is a little easier to wait out an entangle than a freeze.

That would be a good choice. You’re only blocking Mercy then and if all goes well you only need her initial cast anyway. I’m going to think about switching that up…

Edit: I just re-read @Grundulum’s post and I realize that I use an entirely different team. I don’t know how my brain substituted three different troops so I’m gonna chalk that up to cold medications. The team I use is Assassin hero w. Crude Club, Infernal King, Mercy, Sheggra. Sword of heroes is still a good substitution, I think.

No one is telling you that you cant…but it doesnt change that you and anyone using these teams are ruining the game.

Its the only skill that has no counter or block to it…
Using 1 drainer alone can be annoying…someone using 3 with an op mana driver is just trolling.

Lethal damage also has no counter or block. Archer, Assassin, DRACOS, Scylla, Scorpius, etc.


Scorpius is blocked by people immune to poison.
Every other person mentioned has a tiny 10-25% chance for it to pop. Which is also a tiny counter in it can fail.

Drain has.no counter at all

Do the skull damage lethals even trigger at 0 attck?

There is a new trait that suggests immunity to Archer’s Bullseye and other instakill traits. FYI.