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Choosing my own orbs

I would like to choose which color i want. The most frustrating part of these events are the orb rewards. The most annoying part is completing a tough stage in a event only to be rewarded with a Green orb. I DONT need a green orb. At this rate Zuul will never be crated which will never be used but will complete my collection other than soul gnome. After a arena run you can choose between 3 troops and i would like this same option but with orbs as a choice blue,green,or orange. 3 orbs today for event and all green. Very frustrating


So would we all but it’s never going to happen I’m afraid. Never ever ever… :frowning_face:


Yeah I’d like my next glory key to give me the one Mythic that I’m missing…

Bah, it’s a gacha game…


I get mythics quite often from glorys. Curious what mythic your missing?

I think you missed my point…


Yes anything that makes sense with this game will never happen. Thats why many dont bother or care to get zuul seriously though letting us choose might make players invest a few bucks to complete that next stage to get that blue orb .


A game centered around RNG the way this one is will not/should not allow you to choose your rewards. It doesn’t make sense in the framework of this game.

The point Jainus was making was that if we can choose orbs, why can’t we choose troops?


Soulforge is a very nice option tho. Which allows us to choose one of the best troops in the end. We are lucky that have a Soulforge in this game.

About orbs…The ascension orb has a superior value compared to the other orbs, that is why it is a lot harder to pull than the other orbs. If they made this orb as common as growth/wisdom orbs OR an option to choose, there would not have been any challenge or fun. Everyone would have made every troop mythic, and have less to chase after. People would have lost interest in the game on a general basis.

@truethat I hope your next suggestion will be a little better than this one. :crossed_fingers:


Unfortunately it doesn’t make sense to allow us to pick. No one in their right mind would choose growths and everyone would have everything fully ascended & traited by level 700. That and the devs are VERY protective of their resource economy. Your suggestion would destroy it completely

Zuul is only there to entice the collectors and to give end gamers something to work for and brag about when they craft him. The average player won’t care about him anyway.

Players already spend gems on event tiers for weapons, ingot, etc.

Whilst choosing Orbs wouldn’t be viable (because everyone would pick Wisdom or Ascension), the Devs could at least offer the useful Orbs at higher levels.

For example in this week’s Bounty, the rewards are Orbs of Chaos at Levels 9, 12, 15, 18 and Major Orbs at 19 and 20.

What is the point of grinding out all the battles to get those only to have the RNG turn them all into Orbs of Growth?

At least stage the rewards so the lower level ones are Growth or Clans (useful for the lower level players who may not have good Soul generator teams) and the higher level ones Wisdom and Ascension (useful for higher level players who always get 1500 Seals and have Souls by the bucket load)

That would at least make them worth going for, because at the moment I, for example, have stopped at Level 9 since only the Diamonds have any utility for me and I’ve got better things to do than grind on only to end up another Orb of Growth or Clans.


Indeed, it would have been great with at least one event that guaranteed one Major orb of Ascension. Lets say reward tier 20 from the Bounties. Bounties is only once a month too, so this would not have ruined their values too much.