Adjust the blue orb drop rate

Please do something about this

12 greater and 2 minor green
6 greater and o minor orange
1 greater and 1 minor blue

I had to forge all orange and the only greater blue orb i got. Also i never used any orbs except the orb of clans

Please adjust the blue orb rate they are way too rare


Just discussed this in guild chat yesterday. EVERYONE is woefully short Ascension’ Orbs.

Obviously they wanted/planed that type to purposely hold players back, encouraging them to pursue #1 on the leaderboards by spending/buying Gems.


Instead of giving a green orb in invasion they should at least rotate the color so that way at least every month you are sure to get at least 1 greater blue


My last 4 minor orbs have all been ascension orb, but I hadn’t seen any until then. Fingers crossed you get a streak like that soon!

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Im glad they added a way to get orb with pet ascension but no luck i only got green and orb of clan :frowning:

I want orb of croissants


Hmmmmm croissant

I have all my orbs, never used or combined any.

Growth 17 major 9
Ascension 6 major 3
Wisdom 20 major 6
Clans 13 major 2

I got all the guaranteed major growth orbs.

Wow you more lucky then me with blue :slight_smile:
Your number look more reasonable, i got 12x more green then blue and 6x more orange then blue, that really suck

I do not see why they should make it so that people get more blue orbs,just so people can ascend troops willy nilly…Be thankful with the orbs you get,as they are free.I get mainly green orbs but that is just they way it is.

I wouldn’t care if they sell them i would buy them.

I didin’t say more blue but more equal also be thankful you can breath the air is free

I think it is fine the way it is.Maybe they should put them in the shop,i am sure plenty of players would purchase them.

I feel like those are the most valuable orbs and thus expect them to be the most rare.

  • I can farm what a Major Orb of Growth gets me in an hour.
  • Orb of Clans is cool and gets me more keys but roughly as much as I get in a portion of a week.
  • Orb of Wisdom is cool but only represents less than a week of farming, even maximally.

Ascension orbs are the only ones that potentially represent months of “farming” by waiting on keys or, worse, Guild Wars rewards. I think it’d be strange to get them at the same rate as other orbs.

That said, we’d need a big sample of the playerbase to know if the randomness is off. If there are 10,000 players and the RNG is perfect, I guarantee you at least a dozen will have “not enough” ascension orbs. That’s how gambling works.

The only free orbs are the pet mastery ones and the rare occasion from a vault key. The rest aren’t free in the slightest, unless you’re a leech.

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Perfectly. put…We all know the green orbs are not great but if we could all ascend every troop we own within a few months,the game would become old very quickly.I for one am happy to keep on fighting to get the extra copies i need to ascend my troops.

Utter nonsense,did you have to pull out you wallet to get orbs?..The answer to that is no…You have to put effort into getting them along with your guildmates but they have never cost you a penny,so they are actually free

and you consider gems as a totally free resource? Lol.

You have no idea how people play their games and who brings out their wallets to participate in these modes.

That should read a dozen out of a dozen, or a dozen under 10,000 out of 10,000. Not “at least dozen out of 10,000”.

Anyhow, I know Ascension Orbs are rare and I’m fine with that, see my comments above. Plus people need to be VERY, VERY careful when requesting Buffs, due to negative balance offsets.

PS: Gems are a premium currency/resource.

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