Were ascension orbs removed from rewards?

Haven’t seen any in a month, at least.
Is it a new feature, maybe?


I have acquired a few over the past month, but I agree that it can feel like they’re gone from the drop tables.


They definitely nerfed them. Haven’t got one for over a month.

This was my last reward for Stage 12:


Why have you nerfed the Blue Orbs without informing the public?
Why don’t you increase the chance of getting one instead?

This is getting ridiculous and out of hand.

I once went 7 months without a major blue. Just bad luck.

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I hadn’t seen a blue orb in weeks too, until this tower of doom’s vault key…


You got very lucky then. I haven’t seen the Blue Major Orb for over 4 months now.

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No nerf has been done, I got two just last week and usually get a few a month

You are critical in forum :wink: m sure they served you bad RNG seed :sweat_smile:

I got a small blue 2 or 3 weeks ago but I’ve had month+ dry streaks before. They’re already the rarest orb, and RNG is RNG…good thing we occasionally get cash offers to balance it out, right? (/s)

“Frozen kittenz, hear my call!” I too used to lament the Blue orb drop rate, but I realized the fault was my own, and not with Rngeesus.

I began to accept the randomness of life, I stopped associating with Elves, Fey, and users of Blue mana, and I learned to focus on more important forum topics.

“Rng working as intended, nothing to see here folks. Move along please”. I got 2 minors Blues today. May y’all have better luck in the future.


When RNGesus treat you well it’s working well apparently not everyone share your account and RNG.
RNG is working as intended for you. Generalising a statement in such a complex subject is wrong :wink:

I got 3 today between the Tower and the faction event. Streaks happen.

Thanks to everyone. So it seems orbs are present, but not as often as before.

No, that’s not correct. Blue orbs are present with the same droprate as before. It’s just the streakiness of the RNG that makes them appear to be nerfed for some people. I got no blue orbs in september, but I got 5 or 6 in october.


It felt like that to me too, especially as I only needed 1 minor orb of ascension for Zuul, and I went at least 2 months without getting a single one. Then in the last week I got a major orb of ascension from a vault battle and a major order or ascension from final Invasion reward, and got another minor last night from Tower of Doom. Just streaky RNG I believe.


In the past, a person has posted very detailed analysis that uses math to prove the GoW RNG has a tendency towards streakiness.

Historically, this has been ignored, because it’s more fun to yell at players and call them losers who don’t understand statistics than to be a loser who understands statistics. Besides, the devs always promise there’s nothing wrong with the RNG.

I just got a minor blue orb last week. Before that it has been about 2 months since I got a blue one. I personally believe it’s all luck. Its ok, though. I don’t play as much as I used to and the guild I’m in isn’t one of those top guilds with (what I consider) huge requirements so we don’t get as many orbs per week.

Did that ‘very detailed’ analysis truly prove with ‘math’ that GoW rng tends to lean towards streakiness, or is it a psychological effect that Elves tend to only focus upon streaks that affect them negatively? Which is more likely: Somebody complains that their Rising Shadows triggers 3x at 7%, or that the enemy’s Egg Thief dodged Skull hits 3x in a row?

I just hit pet level 1050, and got a 3rd minor ascension orb for the week. Positive mental attitude. I am quite critical of the developers, when it is justified.

Complex subject? The title of the thread is “Were ascension orbs removed from rewards?” Everyone in Vegas has a bad beat story (including me, which is why I’m no longer in Vegas). Had the thread been ‘Rng doesn’t like me recently’, I would have taken a different path.

I tried to show people the path to happiness, but before any can be enlightened they must unlearn that which they have learned. All it takes for Elves to succeed is for Orcs to do nothing. I will not be a do nothing Orc.

TL;DR: Were ascension orbs removed? No, no they were not. Never trust an Elf.~ Gimli, son of Gloin

The user was Akots, and I remember the discussion of streakiness being detailed enough that I couldn’t understand it. I don’t think you can simply hand-wave Slypenslyde’s point away with confirmation bias. (I just tried to find the post again to see if it makes more sense now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.)


There have been several new and recent posts to RNG and probabilty tho…

Cedric tokens/medals
Pet frequency
Orbweaver summons
Skull Dodge
Orb drops

I’m not intentionally disputing anyone’s argument out of hand, but without knowing the developer’s math benind the RNG, then can we truly believe statical arguments? The alleged data mined Cedric thread seemed to make sense. Certain Pets seem to be share drop rates of Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, etc.

In almost every thread the devs eventually say ‘the rng tables are working as intended’.

Off topic: How does one set a title, such as “Watcher of Stars?” tyvm in advance. And may the odds be ever in your favor.