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Orb Exchange in the SoulForge

Could we please use the soul forge to create the orbs we are needing? I mean, in terms of a trade of orbs we have available?

Even if the ratio is whack, I don’t care - anything in the way of conversion would be great.
It would mean that completing an event for the sake of progression would actually grant you some progression, even if this progression is slower than just receiving the orb that you need.
It’s a consolation prize - at least it wasn’t for nothing.

Receiving the wrong color orbs when you can no longer find any use for them – is not progression.

Participation in events that is rewarded with a feeling of wasted time does not foster the desire to continue.

However, being able to convert or exchange the reward somehow for what you require at your stage of the game would provide a much more well-rounded experience.


I’d gladly craft 100 growth orbs for an ascension orb or two…

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The reality is that zuul (if that’s your aim) requires LB effort. If those who have exhibited said effort to gain such a prize suddenly see their efforts undermined by forge shortcuts; well, imagine if that was you.

Great point!

I’m not sure what LB effort is.
But acquiring Zuul right now takes a lot of luck, rather than effort. You must be lucky enough to draw enough ascension orbs instead of other orbs. If you’ve played the exact amount of events as everyone else, and have simply been unlucky enough to draw less, you lose. No effort required there…

The implementation of my suggestion is simply rewarding effort, rather than luck.
Don’t those people who have put in the same amount of effort as other luckier people also deserve some kind of reward?

I’m in no way suggesting anything for free. Simply a way to use the rewards already earned.
Luckier people will still receive first. Unluckier people will still have to work harder to achieve their goal, but they will still have done exactly that – earned it…

But all orbs should have a purpose, and right now, most orbs have none to higher end players.

He mentions players who chased the first spots in the leaderboard for the “White Orbs I forgot the name” to craft Zuul before anyone else.

Well I managed to get my Zuul without reaching the leaderboard for ANY extra orb, not even minors. It’s doable, but yes, it takes a long time and depends of a lot of factors.

If your guild is well organized and active and manage to finish every event with full rewards tiers then you are doing better than I did. My guild is pretty casual in some stuff, but we don’t get all rewards tiers everytime. So what I did was invest heavily in Bountys, because in that kind of event it’s my effort alone determining what I can get.


I did’nt chase leaderboards for Zuul, because no one troop is worth wiping out your gems, and that’s what would’ve happened to me if I did.
However, there are others in my guild who did go for the Power Orbs, and accordingly got Zuul much quicker than I did. Which I have no problem with, BTW. It’s their gems, they can spend them how they want.
But if they knew you could turn in those hideous green orbs for blue orbs, then I’m pretty sure they would have done that instead of spending gems for a Power Orb.
Anyway, it’s all moot since this won’t ever happen.

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I made a point of spending gems in events in order to assist my guild. That had always been my philosophy and one way or another I got zuul as a by product. It wasn’t a direct goal and I only ever won a single power orb on account of my efforts.
And it wasn’t a team spam