A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


If you put Orpheus’ Lute on Bard instead of Dawnbringer you can enchant the other three units, which would work for feeding them.


The new meta team has been painful. Takes 2-3 turns to lose 2 of my guys. Not sure why this mythic can do 90+ damage and then kill another troop… in that fast of a time. Granted he’s not great with anyone but an ishbala fueled team it seems… so that’s unfortunate to be nerfed because of that intense synergy but it seems unavoidable at this point.

I wish I had ishbala but I took a long break and it’ll probably take me just as long as I took off (over a year) to pull her out of the other 500 troops… lol

I somehow got lucky and pulled two of this
Mythic but don’t have any of the other powerful things that I’ve been seeing paired with him.


There are weapons other than Dawnbringer?

Oh hang on, there’s Mang for Raid mode.


It shouldn’t be labelled as a Divine/Raksha.

If anything wouldn’t Raksha/Stryx be more appropriate? Or is that just me? Seems to fit their theme a lot more.


… well that’s a way to make Stryx more viable …


There is also Divine Protector that fills an entire team of mythics with one cast.


I am not sure if you have used the weapon before in a full Divine team. But whenever it miss you do likely lose the match in PvP. And it really happens a lot more than you would think of, even with plenty red/yellow on the board. So it is a good weapon, yes, but also a high risk one. You can’t compare it with the Dawnbringer.


I still prefer Mercy over that one to be honest.


Really not seeing the need for an Ubastet nerf personally. It’s powerful, yes, but it’s still not the worst troop to play against in PvP. For me it’s quite nice to have a mythic that’s actually good for a change - Undine and The Wild Queen were both shockingly bad in my opinion.

The worst troops to play against are the ones that can loop you to death. Ubastet can’t do that. Also, in my experience it doesn’t kill you on the first cast, at least not without a bunch of skull cascades against a troop with no skull protection, so I’m not sure why so many think it’s an auto-kill.

It’s a fun troop to use and it’s reasonable in defence. I’d rather lose to and Uba divine team than to a psion/famine/spirit fox mana drain team or a humitlity/plague/anariel stat reduction team.


Ok i get you don’t want the troop to be nerfed, the more power troops have the better the game gets for you and while i thoroughly disagree that’s a legit opinion to have.
But please stop downplaying stuff with borderline untruths.
How are teams that loop you to death like 1 out of 4 times you meet them at most, worse than a troop that almost oneshots two of your troops whenever he casts, seriously? Ubastet easily puts out 90 ish damage with no modifications to it, to two troops with 11 mana cost on his first cast. That’s over 180 damage for 11 mana ignoring the oneshot mechanic he has that gets as easily enabled as just doing one skull-match or one small random singletarget cast like Hellcat does it.
For slightly lesser advanced players that don’t have everything maxed the autokill of two of their troops is basically a given 100% of the time.

You don’t want a balanced game, you want more and more powerful tools to rush through your weekly aspirations in the game, like i said before that is a legit opinion to have, but please stop selling that as ‘oh this troop that does three times the damage as that other troop of the same rarity for the same manacost seems perferctly balanced

That being said we are beyond balancing at this point anyways, so i don’t want Ubastet nerfed, i just want his Divine tag replaced so he can bring his goodness to another trooptype than the one already dominating the game.


Totally agree with you, @Whiskeyjack . Also worth to mention that I have only lost to a Ubastet team twice (as an endgame player that plays quite a bit).


I’m not actually using him in PvP offense all that much to be honest, and for me his main utility is against jacked up opponents in pet rescues. The PvP team that I do use him in is actually one without Ishbaala. I’ve found that having him fast doesn’t help that much as it takes some time to whittle down one troop to trigger the kill mechanism.

As for what is worse to lose against, that’s a matter of opinion. I’ve won games where Uba takes out two of my troops. I’ve also lost them. My opinion is that Uba is not the new meta defence, and that pre-nerf Nyx was far more frustrating. That can’t be a “borderline untruth” as it’s my opinion.

I do want a balanced game. I don’t think that weak mythics help with the balance. I’ve stated elsewhere that changes to the game have rendered Wulfgarok useless. I’d love to see other mythic troops perform with mythic-level abilities.

For what it’s worth I’m currently “rushing through (my) weekly aspirations” with Diviner, Mercy, Infernus, Ishbaala


And i never argued that, though he did start showing up in at about a third of my 3 trophy fights lately.

Honestly i don’t feel a significant difference between pre and post nerf Nyx aside from the fact that as usual the nerf discouraged people from playing the troop, so you don’t have to see it in every other game anymore. I rarely lost to pre nerf Nyx teams as annoying as they were, and post nerf it still basically auto extraturns and annoys just as much.

There is a whole lot of space between weak and oneshotting two troops or dealing 140 damage while generating 20+ mana.

Yeah Divines greatest weakness is that you can only fit 4 troops in a team.
Which is actually one more reason to replace Ubastets Divine tag to let another trooptype bask in its glory…bask get it? next Divine mythic? ah nevermind.


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you, but if you don’t think Ubastet is in the defence meta, and you only want a change in class for the sake of variety, then I think my original anti nerf post wasn’t really aimed at you, it was aimed at those actively calling for a nerf to Una’s spell.


Oh Ubastet is very much part of the defence meta, at least for me like i said about a third of my games. I just don’t mind him more than the other Divine meta that dominated the defense meta for months and make up most of the rest of my opponents now still. You just bring your own Divines or Doomies and the games play out the same mostly thanks to having first turn.
That doesn’t keep me from acknowleding how op the whole trooptype is compared to other trooptypes and how insanely strong Infernus and Ubastet are compared to other mythics.
I mean it says a lot that a mythic with a dedicated Raksha unique trait won’t be used in Raksha teams like at all.

Nerfing Uba won’t do much, if anything a comprehensive rebalancing would be needed to clean up this mess. Instead a bit of redistribution of the power by replacing the Divine tag on Uba (and maybe not making every mythic to come in the future Divine too…) could achieve more short term.


Divine Protector weapon always misses when I use it in attack, but always hits when opponent uses it in defence (or at least it seems that way)! I still prefer Monkey Disciple troop in my Divine teams.


Ubastet is almost always in a team containing Infernus, and once Infernus has fired and weakened your team sufficiently, and filled Ubastet’s mana, then your pretty much guaranteed to lose 2 troops the first time Ubastet casts.


I usually take the risk of using the Divine Protector. I don’t mind losing a few matches, it’s a game after all. :smiley:


For the goblin pet battles I use 4x Gob-Chomper for the rest of them I use Divine Protector. I also only have 1 team I use in pvp and dungeons and they both use Divine Protector/Infernus/Ketras/Ishbaala. Last week I went about 150 wins to 7 losses 1 of them was the win counting as a loss bug and 3 were from guild wars. This week I have 39 wins to 3 losses and 1 of them was from using 4x Gob-Chomper against a real team. DP can miss and has a few times for me but most of the time it fills Infernus and Ketras at least and very often gives me an extra turn. I do always make sure there is at least 10 yellow or red on the board.

Honestly I like it more than Dawnbringer. The only time I have used DB in the last few weeks was in GW and grinding arena.


It’s not about if you use it or not. On paper DB is one of the strongest and most reliable weapons, while Divine Protector is an unreliable - high risk weapon. It’s still a fun and good weapon to use tho, especially if you don’t mind losing some. That is what I meant.