A New Mythic Approaches - Ubastet


I’ve seen Divine Protector a lot in pvp defences. Where the defender has a Bard or Titan hero (quite common), the weapon makes 18 gems and seems to misfire and give me a game-winning board half the time. Where it’s a Priest hero enemy and it makes 24 gems, it never misfires, unless I prepped the board just before by transforming away all the reds or yellows. And even then it often keeps the turn. On any unprepped board, 24 gems is pretty broken, and always fills the whole enemy team for a quick loss for me.


You are talking like you are losing every single match when you are up against full divine team with a Divine Protector Priest. Can you please clarify if that is the case or not? You see, I think you win a pretty decent amount of matches against it too.


And it also deal just enough damage to one troop and uba one shot kill 2 troops and sometime 3.

It just can be worst with the weapons upgrades you will be able to create more gems and add more status effect


It all depends on whether you let them get a spell off or not. That priest / Infernus / Ubastet / ishbaala line-up will usually kill two troops very quickly if the priest casts. I like control / loop teams so I beat these guys easily enough without them casting a spell. But if I run a divines team or otherwise look to trade turns and spell casts then I will tend to trade wins and losses.

Does it matter? Rather depends what you look for in the game. I know you, like many others, enjoy the strategy play and don’t mind losing. But I’m nearer the equally big part of the player-base that see GoW as a collection game and any loss is time wasted where I could be building resources and bettering my collection.

The manner of the loss also seems to matter. I don’t mind losing if I made a mistake or played the wrong team. But losing to just RNG, or to such chain casts that feel so powerful they’re inevitable - that’s annoying.



@Gouki is right, a complete rebalancing of Divines is required to fix these broken teams.

There is a reason that Abynissia’s initial half mana to all Daemons was changed. So the half start to Divines should not have seen the light of day either, especially considering Ketras/Infernus/UBastet.

I just played against the Unbastet/Infernus half start team, Ubastet got charged after the AI got a 5 match on their first turn cascades filled Infernus below. He pumped out 95 damage to two of my guys, followed by Infernus cast next turn for similar damage (plus filling UB again!) is not what should be occurring for the aquisition of 22 mana.

I use UBastet in an all Raksha team and he always kills two troops against my opponents, regardless of whether I’ve damaged one previously or not.


They suppose to change the explosion so i would wait before nerfing any troop and see how it go first

But the 3 and 4 kills bug need to be fix as soon as possible


I also feel that he was introduced to deal with the HP bloating that has taken place.


Don’t worry guys, the devs are designing counters to Divines and you only have to look at the spoilers to see.

By the end of August:

  • There’ll be a new Divine/Dragon legendary troop to put on your Divines team to kill divines, because Dragons are also another creature type that doesn’t get enough love.
  • There will be 2 more Divine mythics to put on your Divines team to kill divines.

Pretty soon, you’ll have the choice of maybe up to 3 different Divine teams for your adventures fighting Divines in PvP.

Then they’re going to nerf half the Divines, because hey, there’s no way to counter troops without nerfing them, right? (The half that gets nerfed won’t be Ishbaala or Infernus.)


Just to pop in here and answer some sentiment from earlier, not all cards are created equal. Not every card in the game is going to be perfectly balanced, as some as more useful early game and other late game. Just because you aren’t using a card doesn’t mean another player doesn’t love it. These forums are overwhelmingly late game players who experience the late game meta. The views represented here don’t always reflect the player-base as a whole.

However, we are always looking at reworking older troops and we tend to do this by kingdom. There will be more coming in the future.


The problem is not one or two troops, the problem is a type of troop: Divine. Almost half of the Mythics are Divine and as expected, Mythics are really powerful troops. The drawback is that their mana cost is higher than other rarity. So adding a troop who provides 50% of mana to all Divine troops at the start of the battle, more or less removes this drawback.

You should give a code every time, one dev talked about kingdom rework… :slight_smile:


I aint giving out more codes, y’all are spoilt enough as is.



I don’t think this meta is that bad personally. This meta is mild compared to the kraken meta before it was nerfed. Leave it alone.


We are very aware of that, i don’t think that needed Dev confirmation…


Or the Psion/Famine meta pre mana drain immunity. Regardless of what cards has been released, there will always be nay sayers. Did I lose playing against divine team? Yes. Did I win against them? Yes. It is part and parcel of the game just like the Kraken and Psion Meta.

TIPS AGAINST DIVINE TEAM: Mercy and Maw. Devour Ubastet and you are done. There is always a team to counter it.


Mercy/Maw works pretty much only if the board is in your favor to start, and that is a gamble. I haven’t evaluated but it doesn’t seem like you get a favorable board on many three-trophy PvP matches. Additionally, on many of the stacked P2W teams, you now have to deal with three other broken troops if you devour Ubastet. Then what? It’s not like you can easily beat Dawnbringer, Infernus, and Ishbaala.

It’s a part of the game now. The devs introduce insanely overpowered troops and weapons that you can directly or indirectly buy. They repeat acknowledged mistakes regarding traits, spells, and team synergies. They might make token changes, but actual rebalances wait until another problem exists. The previous meta cards lose their appeal, and many fade into oblivion. More than half the mythics today are useless compared to the new meta.

This will never change. There will ALWAYS be broken and overpowered troops that you can buy, but their utility is not permanent. They will be nerfed and/or replaced with new overpowered troops…that you can conveniently buy.

It won’t ever change as long as it works.


I was testing Maw/Sheggra/Infernus/Mercy last night against divine teams and worked pretty well. Seemed to work much better than just slugging it out Divine against Divine or using my normal pvp attack teams.


Maw is a good counter. Takes out one of their big bads and then they’re just left with more damage… which is all well and good normally but not against something buffed from a devour. And there are few Divines with immunity to it (Euryali, Stonehammer and Voice of Orpheus).

Obviously Mercy is the best counter to Mercy other than Spirit Fox.


Just got this from Legendary Task. It’s a first one ever in our guild, and it happened to be the one of the most powerful!!


Never seen a mythic pulled in our guild or any previous ones! That’s awesome, congrats!