What should I get first? Suna or Ubastet?

Well, I can craft myself another Mythic troop.
However, I am in a big dilemma which one should I craft first.

I would appreciate some detailed explanation or tips about both of these troops.
I’ll decide on the last day, on Sunday.

Ubastet > Suna

There is no need for a detailed explaination :+1:


Would you be so kind to explain why anyway?
I would like to hear your opinion about both.

Thank you.

I have both and never use Suna. Best thing about her is the third trait, but Titania’s is actually better. And Titania’s spell is better too as there’s an extra turn chance.

Suna’s spell is based on being cast often and getting stronger each time, but gems of war matches just aren’t long enough for “fill and cast a mythic 4 times” to be a viable strategy. And the magic gain isn’t big enough to scale well for high level delves when you have troops and weapons that can scale based on enemy/ally stats.

Ubastets spell is way stronger and he works really well in a divine team. The instakill is fun to use and useful across all game modes

I would go for Suna. Last time I used Ubastet he couldn’t one shot until I had spent a while damaging something. Suna is great with Infernus for FF and can get really good health with all the life steal.

Killer Kitty every time!

Combine it with a big damage troop like Lady Ironbeard or Grave Knight or weapon like Mang or Rope Dart to take down an opponent’s Armour and you can pretty much guarantee one-shotting two enemy troops.

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I’ll get both eventually. I just want to prioritize. Still undecided. I need more information. :slight_smile:

Suna is amazing and i use her to get all my delves to lvl500 paired with Yao(that colors allow). mostly just for that 3rd trait. as an end game player cant say i have used ubastet much at all since the last nerf, there are other options that can 2 shot with extra turn instead of 1 shot then need time to fill again.

I need more feedback. Why is not more people responding to my question?! Don’t be shy. :smile:

Well, dont have Suna, got Ubby but almost never used it (didnt had him at the times he was making lvl 500 delve a 3 mins thing and dont have earth fury or Div Prot either) so dunno tbh.

Both of them would be on my “can wait” list (in fact i could craft a myth this week but am just gonna wait).

I am not sure now. You never know the RNG Store that can drop the Mythic from a Chest just to troll you and make you feel bad.

Speaking of Ubastet and Suna, any thoughts about Voice of Orpheus? That’s also on my list, but it’s not currently in the Soulforge.

Ubastet is much more usable both in offense and defense teams.
Suna is good after 2,3 castings but Ubastet finishes the battle by then :slight_smile:

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Many thoughts, but none of them polite enough to state here. Suffice to say I don’t think it’s a good troop!

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Same oppinion, never used him. Too many mana ovelaps for what he does.

Well, our Guild - [Hoguns] got lucky today. I did not get what I was hoping for, but something else.
I got my second Mythic since I joined this Guild almost 150 days ago.

The first Mythic troop was the Worldbreaker in November of 2018. Today, it’s The Wild Queen.
Since I started this thread, can you give me a few opinions about The Wild Queen as well?

Thank you.

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Ubastet is great in delves, especially with Dragon’s Eye. Also, Ubastet is required for Pridelands power level 10 and beyond. Bright Forest cannot yet get up that high.


I really enjoy TWQ, but she’s more of an entertaining toy than anything else. She’s really too unpredictable for events like Guild War, but she can be a lot of fun in PvP. King Silenus and a mana generator really enhance her usefulness.

Yes, I have 9 Kingdom stars for now. If I craft Ubastet, I’ll get 10, and +1 Attack point.
Still, my biggest fear is that I would get the Mythic troop that I already own, like Ubastet.

I really dislike luck-based RNG. Too bad that this game is literally infested with it.

I would get Ubastet now.

Then Suna later…

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Difficult to use reliably as if she misfires then it’s tough. I used her in the past with sylvasi, Silenus, TWQ, fire bomb as fire bomb creates the skull storm when it dies; that was a while ago though and now that I think about it, slyvanimora, hero or even Scylla might be better. Agree with XLS that it can be fun to use her though. Edit: went back and checked and yeah, that team sucks now. I made it before the hero talent update.

The only gem spawning mythic that I use regularly is Yasmine’s Chosen