Ubastet-team help

Finally (lvl 250) got my first mythic troop.

My problem now is I can’t find any way to build a good team around him because every guide I see I always miss some legendary/mythic troop. I thinking I maybe should build something together with Jarl Firemantle?

Without knowing what you have, you need something that can fill Ubastet, like Apothecary, then you need something that can weaken an enemy that doesn’t cost too much mana so Ubastet can kill 1 target and get a free kill on a 2nd troop. The troops you use should not mana block Ubastet unless it does its job really well.

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I got Apothecary, but he will be mana blocked by Jarl. But maybe they work good together.

Maybe you can build Alchemist - Hellcat - Paladin - Ubastet? Alchemist and Hellcat can loop with each other. Paladin is a good, cheap single target damager, allowing Ubastet to finish the job.

You could also try Moneylender instead of Hellcat.

I got all Raksha-troops with exceptions of Sekhma and Snow-Hunter.
Ubastet first trait gives +2 life to any other Raksha-troops.

do you have the behemoth?
If you do use the raksha class and use

Flame soul
Shadow hunter

Use a banner to get behemoth up as fast as you can the loop him till all you’re other troops have full mana

You would also get X3 raksha bonus and X4 kingdom bonus

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What could be a sub for flame soul

Uba is a great delve troop esp if you have Yasmine Pride weapon.
YP (bard or any fast start class)
Cast YP vs P1 then concentrate on filling uba. Cast YP again when stuck or if u need life boost. Apothecary keeps you looping and cleansing.

Uba also boosts off increased attack from eg mang or earth fury.