Ubastet - Usage and Team Discussion

Now that Ubastet is available to many players through the Soulforge, let’s go over how a player can use him most effectively.

Ubastet is a Mythic-Rare Divine/Raksha. His (the announcement post when Ubastet came out refers him as male) traits boost the health of allied Raksha by 2 (barely significant in high-level play), summon a Firestorm when an enemy dies (a powerful and useful trait that can help follow through after killing an enemy), and give all allied Raksha 1 Attack and Magic at the start of every turn (useful if you can afford it, since it boosts the power of his spell by 1.25 damage each turn).

Ubastet’s main draw, however, is his spell. His spell deals damage to the two weakest enemies, boosted 4:1 by all ally and enemy attack. This means that his spell deals:

TOTAL DAMAGE = 2 Enemies * (2 Base Damage + Magic Stat + (Sum of All Troops Attack) / 4)

This is equivalent to adding the average attack of each team; you can also use the attack of a single troop on your team to ballpark this (for example, if one of your troops has 30 attack, your opponents’s troop has 40 attack, and Ubastet has 20 Magic, you’ll deal about 90 damage).

The key is to watch for an opportunity when the enemy’s weakest troop (in terms of Armor + Life) would die; if they would, the second weakest troop (which may not even have been hit previously) will instantly die (in a manner similar to DRACOS 1337 or Zuul’Goth, rather than a devour). This can be incredibly powerful, since it is nearly impossible for a team to lose two of its troops and still pull through, especially in the late game.

Thankfully, this powerful spell is held back by a spell with a staggering mana cost of 22. It would be awful if there were some way to reduce that, maybe a troop that gives it 50% mana at the start of battle…

Divine Ishballa.

This combination has made Ubastet the PvP powerhouse it is today. For the low, low cost of 11 mana (the same cost as Goblin Rocket and Boar Rider), you can remove two enemies from the field completely. It takes a skull poke or Infernus cast in high level PVP, but his low mana cost puts him in range of being instantly filled by troops like Mercy, making him a crazy threat, and a powerhouse on both offense and defense.

You can look at a list of teams that people have been using to best Ubastet in this thread, but in this thread I’d like to talk about the best teams to use once you have him.

The Divine Team

One of the most popular and widely used teams to use with Ubastet is the Divine team, consisting of Ubastet, Infernus, and Divine Isballa, with a fourth slot up to personal preference. This capitalizes on the combination of Ubastet and Ishballa to provide quick destruction of enemies, as well as Infernus, who also synergizes well with Ishballa (and was used with her long before Ubastet was released), and whose damage and mana generation can be used to soften up enemies for Ubastet to kill, clean up enemies after Ubastet casts, or provide that last bit of mana for Ubastet to fire off again.

The fourth slot is a personal choice of what you think will help you win the fastest. Many players use the weapon Divine Protector (which was previously available for purchase during the Divine Invasion event, and is now unavailable until the developers add event weapons to the Soulforge rotation sob). It provides a respectable amount of single target damage (7 + Magic + 6 * Number of Allied Divines), which amounts to around 50 or so damage (which is enough to put any troop in range of Ubastet’s cast, and also lets you choose one of the units Ubastet destroys!). It also creates 6 Gems of a mix of Red and Yellow per Divine on your team, up to 24 with a full team of Divines, which has a very good chance of getting an Extra turn as well as powering up Ubastet.

If you do go with the Hero, Priest is the ideal hero class; his traits provide a bonus to Yellow mana (which all your other troops benefit from) and some healing per turn, which can help insulate you against enemy Ubastets, and being a Priest automatically makes you a Divine, providing you with 50% starting mana and counting you in Divine Protector casts. Using Priest also provides you with Champion Levels, providing you with talents ranging from a self-cleanse on extra turns at level 5, to bonus life on 4/5 match at level 10 (more toughness!) to a Lightstorm at start of battle at level 20, to a second point of Yellow bonus at level 70 to bonus life to Divines each turn at level 100. All of these talents benefit a 4x Divine team immensely, making it the primary choice for many players.


However, some players did not receive this weapon when it was released, since it was initially quite weak and players wanted to save their gems. However, it got buffed after release, making it much more powerful. These players will have to use alternatives.

One option that is available is using the Divine team with Mercy; she provides Ubastet with quick mana with her Empowered transform from Purple to Yellow, but she relies heavily on board alignment to function. Tai-Pan is another option; however his transform to Red gets rid of Brown gems which could potentially be used by Infernus and Ubastet, and there’s no possiblity for a lucky Mercy cast to fill Ishballa too.

Dawnbringer is another good option for a Hero weapon, if you have that. Having a hero on your team gaining Champion XP is always useful. For Hero Classes, besides Priest you could use Bard, who provides a steady ramp of stats to all your Yellow allies, or Archer, who has the Fast trait, a chance for Lethal skull damage, and with the new update has two talents which summon troops. Annoying!

Gorgotha provides some tankiness against skull pokes and some mana generation for your other troops with his explosion.

Jotnar Stormshield is a Divine (meaning he benefits from Ishballa) whose traits provides powerful protection against enemy Ubastets. Just barrier up your team with a couple 4/5 matches, and none of them will die to his spell!

Another option is to abandon Divine Ishballa entirely, and instead rely on another source of mana generation. This team is Alchemist, Moneylender, Ubastet, Queen Titania (I’d recommend Bear Banner to rush Alchemist, but Lantern Banner or Dragon Banner work too). By rushing Alchemist, you can power up Moneylender both with mana and with the gold to make his spell produce 14 Red gems, almost guaranteed to get an extra turn, as well as refill Alchemist and then some. Using these two troops together for board control, you can get the mana for Ubastet, and with Titania’s trait providing you with Fairy Fire (or her spell providing you with AoE damage without losing a turn), you can kill with Ubastet, leaving the enemy team crippled.

I’d love to hear the opinions of the community and discuss more teams with you guys! Which one’s your favorite, and which ones didn’t work out for you? Again, counters to Ubastet are better discussed in the Divine Slayer Thread.


Almost every time I get a pvp battle it’s one iteration of ubastet and infernus in the third slot. Over and over, sometimes with divine protector, sometimes dawnbringer.

Can’t believe they’re allowing pvp to be dictated by one card.

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Diese Karte ist einfach zu stark,ich habe kein Verständnis mehr dafür sie tötet 2 einheiten was soll das denn von den Entwicklern? Soll man noch mehr geld für schlüssel ausgeben damit man irgendwann eine neue mystische Einheit aus den truhen zieht nein danke ohne mich und patchen wollen sie es auch nicht schade ich dachte das forum sei dafür da das man hier reinschreibt was man verbessern könnte naja .!!!


I added a link to the Divine Slayer thread to the OP, I knew I forgot to do something.

I don’t need a counter, I was just saying that It’s the same 3 variations nearly every time I play it. You can’t poke a stick at pvp without seeing Uncle Uba. Never without Infernus, almost always with Ishballa, and it’s either divine protector, dawnbring or misc. You could run other cards, but those 3-4 are the brutally effective ones that win in <10 turns. Anything else and it works, it’s just much slower.

With him in the soul forge this week, he’s likely to become even more insanely overused. I wonder if they will finally nerf him if he reaches 100% usage in non-suicide teams.

To be honest, I don’t really see any point to discussing how to use him properly. As by far the most powerful card in the entire game, you literally cannot use him wrong. Even if you are a newbie who drew him, and you have no divines, no ishbaala, and no mana generators who match him, he would still wreck nearly any challenge you face other than an enemy Ubastet.

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whats to discuss?.. play the divine team that you fight in every 3 trophy pvp battle and win … that seems to be the optimal team for that troop …


Es geht nicht darum mit welchem team ich diese Karte spielen möchte er soll gepatcht werden ganz einfach ,aber von Entwicklern Seite hieß es nein er bleibt so wie er ist und das kotzt mich an aber schattendrachen patchen(patch 2015) wie unrealistisch diese karte ist einfach zu stark meine meinung !!!

That’s the team I use him in. Two red surges and Sekhma is charged. Shadow Hunter brings (or OSK) a troop into Ubastet range, as does Sekhma.

Casting Sekhma fills Ubastet as well as doing some big skull damage from Shadow Hunter who has around 50 attack I think.

Ubastet’s third trait buffs all.

Not much else to add, charge Sekhma and blam really. Just watch out for all the bad status effects as the team has very little to no defensive traits/immunity. So make sure you hit first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Echt schade das jeder nur mit ubastet spielt ihr versaut echt den pvp spaß ,hoffe es macht euch glücklich !!!

Put him on your team. Sorry. He’s just that overpowered …


whats to discuss?.. Use the divine team that you fight in Every Tier 3 PVP Battle.

Take Uba off Divine then this thread may be beneficial


Guy from the chat had a 107 Killstreak with Ubastet ONLY.
It´s not your fault, OP but I see absolutely nothing interesting to talk about.

I don’t have Divine Protector so would my team be:

Divine Ishbaala

Sure, but be aware that the cards involved have all been nerfed since their creation, so they’re not quite as OP :slight_smile:

What was the nerf to Ubastet again? I really forgot. Thanks!

When a troop gets nerfed, just search its name with the word “refund” and you’ll see where it was announced :slight_smile:


Thanks- I searched the “official news” category for ubastet with no luck, but didn’t think to use “refund”!

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