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The "Divine" Slayer team share

Devour Ubastete or Infernus,then you win the battle.
Easy,Quickly,defeat Ishbaala league.IMG_20180711_173519



The Soul is the Star here, the Divine team has almost all troops have greater than 15 mana, so you can chain cast on each opposing troop to keep them locked down. Divine Protector can be a pain as it sits at 14 mana, meaning another match is required before you can drain another threatening troop.

This team also incorporates all the requirement needed to counter the Ubastet, high starting life (though mine are still under 150 effective HP, so still gets one shotted sometimes grr), ability to gain life without losing the turn and also to barrier troops (relatively) easily. Also adds staying power and utility by freezing and summons. :slight_smile:

How I play it is to rush the Soul, then just steal the opponents manas as required. Jotnar one shots once you have a couple of troops with barriers. Mainly always cast Hyndla on the second troop to freeze the first, then cast Jarl. The freeze should stop them gaining all the mana on the board if Jarl misfires.

Focus down if there is a Divinia with Jotnar as her Mana Shield trait is a trouble.

Enjoy. Titan class is needed, obviously. :wink:


Finally a sensible thread rather than a nerf call.

Mine is using a attack reduction dragon team:
Dracos 1337.

Another one which is Fey “weakening” team with entangle with good Magic bonus boost:
Green Seer,
Yasmine’s Chosen,
Queen Mab (removed Plague)

Both equally satisfying. But the most efficient is definitely any deck accelerating The Great Maw.


Thank you!
Thank you all for sharing

My team is:
Emperor Khorvash lv. 20
Knight Coronet lv.19
TDS lv.20
Kraken lv. 20

All of them are fully traited. With this team i usually win about 75% of the time against this team.

Crimson Bat + Death + any skull generator.


Im curious, how can you feed bat quicker than the hero?

It’s more about feeding the skull generator to let the Bat smash for 4x skulldamage.

The downside is invariably the subsequent troops haven’t been damaged so only get 2x skull damaged.

As you need to drop the turn to damage them either with deaths trait or a bat cast.

I use:

Hero/Crude club/assassin class
Infernal King

Makes short work of most meta teams…

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A bit Mythic heavy for my likings, but:

Tai-Pan gives you a quick start, and Stonehammer protects you against the worst of Ishabaala’s skull spam (needs Stonehammer’s third trait). Elemaugrim’s third trait lowers enemy attack to help keep Ubastet under control, and his spell pairs nicely with Stonehammer’s.

The hero is the key here though, Heart of Xathenos deals damage to all troops and Death Marks all Divines. Death Mark isn’t the most reliable, but you should get a least one or two kills off of it, and you can keep it up if it drops off. Running Sorcerer with a few notable talents. 3rd (standard) trait is nice, as it keeps your magic going up. HoX is half magic, so you need two procs for 1 damage, but it’s still passive gain over the lifetime of the match. Champion Talents are mostly free reign, but I generally take Plaguebearer (Disease on 4/5 matches) to slow down enemy mana rates, and Stealthy to prevent the hero from being targetted by non-random spells (doesn’t help against Ubastet or Infernus, but does work to keep you from being hit by Divine Protector and other single target spells)


My views on nerfing the buggers are nothing to do with being unable to beat this meta.

With no Freeze or drain effects it’s completely defenceless against a fast control team.

I win 99% against it with this old favourite, typically on my first or second turn.



I prefer Divine Ishbaala and Infernus:

The Great Maw
Divine Ishbaala

Yellow ++ Banner

If you’re lucky, you can get a 4/5 match with Mercy in the first play, then loop the rest so the opposition never gets a turn…


I’ve been using firemantle yao guai infernal king and mercy and beating them a lot but sometimes too slow to get them looping as opposed to them one turn mana surging the full team :joy::man_shrugging:t6: Still fun tho once firemantle gets going

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Seeing a number of people using skull bashers, so thought I’d try that method. Even though the my team above gives me almost a 100% win rate.

Requirement needed was to be as fast so settled on building around Forest Guardian.

Seeing as the Warden class is a beast AND now can Hunter’s Mark troop on +4 matches :grimacing: and can use the beast version of Divine Protector, the hero was slotted in.


Willow went in as with her board mod can generate extra turns and mana, as well as boosting all attack and life. Which is valuable on skull attack teams.

Gorbil makes more browns for Beastly Bow, Forest Guardian to convert and a slight damage boost for Willow. Also gains an additional attack per extra turn, which there are lots of in this team. Devour is tops when it goes off, upping the little blighters attack to nearly three figures, which results in instant kills on any Marked troop/s.

Still fiddling with troop positioning, namely Gorbil and the Hero. Gorbil works in second place, beefing up to replace hero if they die. Hero has Razor Armour talent so has boosted skull damage from the start, but can easily be neutralised. So haven’t really decided what is more effective, but prefer the rodent out front at this stage. :wink:


Wow i’m not the one who using them.
But sunsail so much better then gorbil. Yellow into brown much better then blue into brown.
Aslo the good thing of this team that you don’t need your hero have hight lvl.
I run
1 hunt.
5 perfect aim.
10 root trap.
20 razor armor.
that’s all what you need
40 wall of vines
70 banishment
don’t need last one

On this week we have 10% beast bonus, so my hero with full armor can do 56 dmg with skulls at the start of the match. double this when target on hunter mark. thats 112 dmg. thats insane


Absolutely agree. It feels like a lot of people just go and try crash the wall with fists.
Here is another example of combo team.

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I’m fond of this new and non-standard loop team which works rather well

Little bit slow (no fast starts or Mercy) for tackling the divine meta, but fun to use



Two troops with double transform. Pretty much unstoppable to.

You know what’s better then two double transform troops. yes… thats tree of them.
this one actually not that great, but really fun to play.

Ohh I try out Sunsail :+1:t2:. But I’ll admit, I get a little smile each time a Gorbil devours Ubastet or Infernus that it might be hard to switch. :rofl:

I also think maybe, as @TimeKnight pointed out, that Dire Boar with its pseudo permanent enraged would also be really great especially against teams with skull reduction traits.