Double Ubastet or Worldbreaker teams

Hey all,

I’ve been fortunate enough to have pulled two Ubastets over the last few months, and secondly I also pulled a Worldbreaker months after making an impulse purchase of one through the Soulforge.

Anyone have any ideas of any good teams that have duplicate Ubastets or Worldbreakers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There aren’t many ways to leverage those, however…

For Ubastets, casting them both is tough since they’re expensive and so on. However, you can utilize the trait on both and run something like… hero w/ Sunspear class + a skull generator of some kind. Attack would be reasonably high? If you really want to cast them both, of course, definitely bring some serious mana generators and ideally Ishbaala to give them starting mana, just not sure where the hero ends up in this team. Maybe Jar of Eyes (not Sunspear though because storm clashing) + 2x Ubastet + Ishbaala?

For Worldbreakers, the only thing I can think of is a serious explosion chain team. You’d want a hero class with an explosion trait/talent so either Titan, Frostmage or Tidecaller (they’re fast, others not so much) and probably TPK if you have him. The other thing that’s almost a requirement for this to succeed is a guaranteed storm, so either you win before Titan’s duststorm wears off or you run Mountain Crusher to maintain it. Tempting as running Dragonguard might be, the stat gain is negligible next to Worldbreaker’s trait and you really need the stuff other classes have. I’d run MC/Titan + 2x WB + TPK.

thanks heaps for the feedback, I’ll give them a whirl :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use 2 of Uba or 2 World on the same team, but you can try

Mountain Crusher - Titan, Apothecary, Ubastet, Ubastet (Kraken Banner)

2x Worldbreaker isn’t something I’d suggest at all.

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I mean, I agree, there’s definitely better things and I wouldn’t do any of these unless I had to. But if one insists… I can theorycraft it lol.

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What about using 2 ubastets with cedric and thief with bronzelock pistol as mana generator?

50% mana start from thief, bronzelock pistol softens enemies for ubastet’s killing blow, while destroying pretty much whole board every cast, filling itself up, and adding mana to ubastet. Cedric there for the gold limit for pistol to work.

Or a class with storm every turn and X% mana start (IF there’s any…)

You’d actually have to have gold to do that. It’d take quite a while getting the gold to make Bronzelock Pistol effective using only Light Fingers.

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Double Uba might work nicely in events with Enchant Potions—use the other two troops as softeners, to get two troops in the kill range of an Uba cast, and then wait for the enchants to give you the insta-kills needed for victory :+1:

And in an event with potions, it’s not a bad team.

True… Which is the minimum gold ammount needed for pistol to destroy enough gems to be effective? Could a troop with 25% gold AND bonus gold on match 4/5’s replace cedric instead (maybe a treasure or like that)?

thanks for the idea! I actually find that MC/Titan + 2x WB + Leprechaun works pretty well!