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The divine meta?

I know I’m late to the party but I’m 1 day away crafting Ubastet. I have most divine troops, however I missed out on Divine Protector. :frowning:
What would you suggest to use for a weapon?
To clarify I do have Infernus / ishbala

Thanks in advance!

Jar of Eyes, Mountain crusher, Anu’s Sceptre


The big million souls weapon.

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I geuss u mean Dawnbringer? I dont have that one.

Personally without having Divine Protector or Dawnbringer i would forgo using the hero entirely and use a 4th Divine troop to speed the team up instead, like Diviner or Mercy.
If you’d rather use the hero regardless, @Jzg suggested good weapon choices.


When im not using titan or priest, i use anu’s sceptre instead of divine protector. Anu/diviner/infernus/ishb works fine for me, they can maintain 1 win/min rate

Dragon Eye. Explodes enough gems to fill troops and makes a perfect target for a quick Ubastet shot.

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Thanks for all the replies !

It’s hard to go wrong with any combination of: Diviner, divinia, infernus, Ubastet, and Ketras. With ishbaala of course.

Diviner, Mercy, Infernus, Ish with talon banner to fill Diviner faster.

Divinia, Infernus, Ketras, Ish

Mountain crusher (Titan), Infernus, Ketras, Ish.

You get the idea. Find the one you like the most!


Doesn’t have to be a hero weapon. If not Divine Protector I would go right back to having Mercy in that position.

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You could also just not use the OP divine meta like everyone else and design your own team, that’s an idea.

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I’ve been having luck with Warlord Hero on my divine team- infernus quickly gets everyone burning and Warlord gets enrage and does 3x skull damage. 1 skull match=goodbye.
I also use Yasmine’s Chosen.

Anu Sceptre (Warlord)
Yasmine’s Chosen
(I don’t have Ubastet though I have the resources to craft. I just hate that troop so much after getting wasted by it, that I don’t really want it, ha ha.)

Madness!!! Madness I tell you!!! :rofl:

Look like the meta is slowly changing
At least on xbox